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Friday, 15 August 2014

Lunch at Miam Miam French-Japanese Cafe

200 Victoria Street #02-14 Bugis Junction / BHG, Singapore 188021
Tel: 6837 0301

I passed by Miam Miam a few times- both the Bugis Junction and Westgate's outlets, but somehow had never interested me enough to drop in for meals or tea break. Today, *Celine suggested eating there, since we were meeting around noon on a Sunday and most cafes at Haji / Bali Lanes would be packed. So we dropped in to the eclectic, vintage French cafe with a Japanese twist.

This relaxed cafe with eclectic furniture brings back a sense of going back in time, with its vintage tiled flooring and colorful outdoor chairs resplendent of those in olden Paris cafes. To my surprise, they were playing High Society's exotic music in the background softly.

Orders were placed, in which we were informed that they only had one oven hence everything baked would require 15 - 20 minutes' waiting time. They did not serve water as well - so one could either order bottled mineral water, buy a cup of plain water at 50 cents or do without. I took one glass, and we had other beverages as well. 

This was *Celine's Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Soffee (SGD$8.80) - a rich, smooth and creamy delicacy upholding the blessedly good sweetness of green tea.

I had the Matcha Hot Chocolate (SGD$7.80) because it sounded interesting, and I thought I could have the best of both worlds. This was a warm treat, but I did not detect any chocolate taste sadly. The green tea flavor was layered with a very thick creamy flavor - which we deduce that the chocolate they used must be white or milk chocolate.

Then our mains arrived, the Miam Mian Spaghetti (SGD$15.80) - comprising of very homely ingredients such as bacon, tomatoes eggplant, sunny sideup egg and vegetables - but the flavor was out of this world good. The pasta being springy were bonus points, helping us understand why this is one of their most popular dishes.

The Souffle Au Curry (SGD$16.80) was served next - fluffy omelet puff pregnant with the goodness of Japanese curry rice cooked with pork frankfurters, cheese broccoli and carrots. While the mildly-sweet omelet was light and fluffy, its fillings were heavy in flavor and ingredients. The curry was fragrant without being too spicy, and the rice was well-textured to be moist enough but not mushy.

Time for desserts! We had the Valrhona Chocolate Souffle (SGD$13.90) - with warm heavenly decadent melted chocolate on top on the sponge-soft souffle. This hottie was a palate teaser, filling the mouth with the rich aromas of chocolate and pastries, melting as one deliciously.

After the hot dessert came the cold Apples & Granola Pancakes (SGD$13.80) - crunchy smith and red apples tossed in cinnamon, and raisins and crunchy granola - atop a thick, smooth disc of a most tasty pancake. The pancake came in a very familiar and wholesome buttery flavor that kept reminding me of a Chinese pastry I ate as a kid, oh and the scoop of vanilla ice-cream was literally the perfect icing on the cake.

Overall, I rather enjoyed the dining experience here, save for the 50 cents water and one-oven policies. 

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