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Friday, 6 June 2014

A day at Jurong Bird Park

Ask me why I am visiting Jurong Bird Park? Haha. The Beau and I brought the niece to visit - and even though my last visit was years back, I still regard the Jurong Bird Park to be one of my most favorite tourist attractions in Singapore. It is located at 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925 and the contact number is 6265 0022.

Besides being an Omithilogist's dream collection of different species of birds, I like how this natural habitat has other facilities that make it feel closer to nature, and goes beyond just exhibitions and exhibitions of caged birds. There are also other exciting programs such as bird feeding, shows, dining with birds and photography with birds sessions etc.

An example of one of those "facilities" would be this long drawbridge and we were able to glance down and see birds flying acoss / by / below us; one could also feed lory birds here.

This was, and still is my most memorable and enjoyable spot in Jurong Bird Park - the waterfalls, giving the place blasts of cool air and scenic view. In the past they had the "dry ice" mist there, adding a touch of mystic to the falls, but I didn't get that during today's visit.

Also, the Birdz of Play area where families / visitors could splash about and have fun in the small theme park within Jurong Bird Park itself. No, we were not equipped to play with water, so the niece had to make do with being a Paleontologist and dig about in the sands for skeletons at the "Dino Dig" section.

Now we embark on a long, arduous tour to catch some birds in their cages and watch them go about their birdie businesses.

That's a very uniform group of pink Flamingoes all lined up in the water and on land - what a beautiful sight.

More birds in their man-made habitats - some with ponds, some with mini waterfalls etc, to make them feel at ease.

I love the cranes because they look so elegant.

And swans are ever graceful with their long necks and rigor postures.

Pelicans are another bunch to reckon with - them with the long, pointed beaks and snow white fur. I caught one scratching itself, and it looked very adorable.

This is what we call harmony - when birds and fish reside together as one, haha.

Here is the Toucan and its very distinctive large orange beak.

An assortment of colorful, vivacious birds whose names elude me. I managed to catch one in action on its successful hunting expedition though.

Now we have us some proud peacocks and pretty parrots.

Finally, we sat down to enjoy the Bird Show while enjoying some cold, chocolatey cone ice-creams.

It is not hard to be fascinated and captivated that these lovely birds are smart as well - painting, drawing, fetching items etc.

A rather enjoyable day in lieu of the usual dining, tea, shopping and movies. Tickets are priced at SGD$25.00 for adults and SGD$16.00 for children, discounts apply to certain credit cards and online  bookings. The Jurong Bird Park is open from 8.00am - 6.00pm daily. Come on for some healthy and educational fun!

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