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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tea at The Little Prince Cafe

This cafe visit was really a chance encouter with *Celine while shopping one day. We both heard of The Little Prince Cafe, but to pass by it, was another thing altogether. Hence, we decided to pop into this cafe situated at 62 Somme Road #01-03 Singapore 207877. They don't have a telephone number at this point.

The inside is pretty, a "Le Petit Prince" theme complete with wall art, lots of books and decorations with "The Little Prince" on them. It exudes a very relaxing and ethereal sense of charm, bringing out the stirrings of perennial child and fairy-tales in us. Look at the stark whiteness and books mounted on the walls. Ok, service was very friendly and hospitable as well, something that we did not expect in this hole-in-the-wall, "Little Prince" inspired eatery.

They also used the prettiest utensils and tableware, complete with floral patterns or royalist metal plates etc. The hand-painted menu (above photos) are also a show of their original creativity.

I am going to assure you that there is no strong aroma of coffee or flavored teas rushing to greet you when you push open the door and step into this tiny cafe. However, one sip of this Rose Latte (SGD$5.00) is enough to make you swoon - the aroma of the coffee is contained in this little glass, but the best part is the distinctive sweetness of rose flavor that wafts out from the piping hot coffee, like a hidden gem emerging from its raw hideout. Tempting to get another cup but did not want to risk losing sleep at night.

Celine's Iced Rambutan Tea (SGD$5.00) was sweet and cooling, definitely resplendent of the fragrance of rambutans with the real fruits submerged at the bottom of this delicious, golden drink.

Now we are at exactly what drew us into this pretty little cafe! The mini slices of cakes in interesting flavors that looked so delectable. This one is the Chocolate Truffle Cake (SGD$3.90) and tasted exactly like a piece of melt-in-your-mouth truffle, sweet and holding a slightly-sandy overture. The chocolate flavor was rich, of course.

On the same plate, lay the Strawberry Marshmallow Cake (SGD$3.90) - another piece of heaven with a layer of thick chocolate atop the fluffy square of sweet, strawberry-rich cake.

Next up, we had the slice of Yam Cake (SGD$3.90) - this mildly sweet, soft cake was rich with the flavor of yam's gentle, saccharine tunes. It was a delight to have this piece of paradise after the more overwhelming flavors earlier on. Plus, the pale lavendar color was gorgeous.

Lastly, the pale green patch of Avocado Cake (SGD$3.90), filled with aloe vera cubes within. The cake is gently sweet, resplendant with the taste of avocado. The cake was light and soft, and the bounciness of aloe vera strips added to its deliciousness.

We spent a total of SGD$25.60, totally enjoying this beautiful palette of flavors.

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