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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Chilling out at Union Square

I heard of a famous spot in "Amara Hotel" where people came for salsa dancing, and now I finally know about this place - Union Square located at 100 Tras Street, #05-02, 100AM The Amara, Singapore 079027. The number to call is 6224 6116.

This is not just an NTUC Club, but also a Salsa Club which plays Latin music six days a week, and people everyone here is whirled and twirled into sensual salsa dancing for a night of great fun. It doesn't matter if you can't dance, the partner who picked you will guide you along and soon you'll be spinning around in no time.

The decor of this place is simple but relaxing, neon lights are played down to a muted tone and the couches are rather comfortable. The middle of the club is left empty as the dance floor, hence the club looks very spacious and simply screams "unwind".

Ironically I was here two nights in a row, for some light munchies and drinks.

Here they serve free-flow Pappadum (dried lentil chips) so you could ask for refills all night long. This crispy and fragrant chips are definitely a unique twist in lieu of the usual nuts, potato chips or prawn crackers snacks we usually get.

Then the Beers and Snowball and Mojitos began flooding the tabletops and a tired, thirsty crowd sipped in relief. Their drinks range between SGD$8.00 - SGD$15.00 a glass, therefore it is very affordable. Sadly, their Chicken Wings (which I heard from different parties that they are "very nice") were not available.

Our Hawaiian Pizza was served. The crust was kind of soft so we deduced it was under-baked. The ingredients looked as though they were just being thrown atop the crust, and put to bake. There was not much hints of cheese, and they used sausage in lieu of beef. There was also not much pineapple cubes to be found - so for a while we were baffled if we'd been served the wrong pizza.

The Mushroom Pizza was rather all right - at least the thin crust was crispy this time round, and the sapid aroma of mushrooms was distinctive. Ingredients were rather sparse, but mushroom spreads its flavor generously, like fragrannt flowers spreading its scent. We ordered two of these.

Now this is the Prawn Pizza - ironically they were rather generous with the prawns herein. While the pizza was still rather plain in appearance with little cheese, at least we managed to spot lots of tiny but succulent prawns here. We also ordered two of those - one was a litltle overburnt.

This is their Bangers & Mash - basically two different types of sausages chopped into pieces, with quite all right mashed potato in the middle topped with a dark, thick, sweet sauce. This dish was quite all right as well, but then again I doubt many people could really go wrong with cooking sausages, right?

Now we had Potato Wedges - crispy on the outside and a soft pulp on the inside - another all-time favorite that I believe very little people could deep-fry unsuccessfully. I doused mine with Tabasco sauce to heighten the taste.

Strangely, no one danced on both nights. Especially the first night, in which I was there till 10.00pm. But the Latino singers were fabulous onstage with their sensual vocals and soothing tunes. This was a good conclusion of a fun night out at Union Square. There were thirteen of us and we spent a total of SGD$340.00, some of us having more than one drink each - hence this is a very affordable to chill and relax.

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