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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Brunch at The Tiramisu Hero

Having heard good things about The Tiramisu Hero, I tried to pop by sometime ago but unfortunately they were having a birthday event. Yesterday, I finally managed to make my way there for brunch successfully!

The Tiramisu Hero is located at 121 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207548 and the number to dial is 6292 5271. The exterior is a pretty little garden complete with grass patch, comfortable seats and a distinctive signboard. 

The interior is an artistic abode of interesting ornamental furniture, and might I say it could be considered a themed cafe celebrating the cleverness of St. Antonio the Roman cat that brought in the perfect Italian Tiramisu.  The stylish and sleek design boosts of a very relaxing ambience, daring its patrons to come in, take a bite / sip and simply chill out here. Service is friendly as well. They also sell pretty little accessories at the front.

I sat by the first table - yes, the one with the lime green settee and chest-like table. I had me an Iced Sir Antonio's Brew (SGD$7.50), because I was told it had a tiramisu flavor. After stirring and sipping, I thought it was just a nice iced coffee (ok, perhaps it was missing the alcohol factor?).

My friend had the Iced Creme Brulee Latte (SGD$7.50) - after stirring, well, the coffee really boosted of a very gentle caramelized fragrance. These iced drinks are certainly befitting for a hot sunny afternoon.

The Truffle Eggs Bacon Roll (SGD$10.50) came first - fluffy scrambled eggs wrapped in crispy bacon drizzled with truffle oil. Actually the description was a litte off - in fact, very off.  Firstly, the scrambled eggs were the ones encasing the bacon and not being wrapped in bacon. Secondly, the bacon inside these rolls were likely smoked, not crispy at all. The dish overall was bland, except for the sapid deliciousness of the mushrooms scattered at the base.

For my mains, I had the Baked Dory Fish Rice in Alfredo Sauce (SGD$14.00)- buttered jasmine rice baked in creamy alfredo sauce with dory fish and brocooli. This dish was quite tasty, especially after the sprinkling of black pepper. The cheese atop was baked to a golden crispiness, and the dory fish was tender. I liked the idea of having some brocooli (vegetables) with my dish, and the fragrance of the jasmine rice completed the overall taste.

The friend enjoyed a small plate of Jayne Mac & Cheese (SGD$8.90) - macaroni in a cheesey cheddar and mozarella cheese dip. The macaroni was cooked to a springy texture so it was lovely to chew, and the cheese dip comprised two of our favorite cheese, so this deceptively-simple dish was a delight to have.

Next up, the desserts! Both of us had the MommaHero Tiramisu (SGD$7.50, signature packaging, serves one each) - she had the Ovaltine flavor while I had the Original flavor. Yes, their Tiramisu cakes are served in jars or buckets, with many flavors to choose from - Chocolate, Strawberry, Matcha, Lemon Lavendar etc.

The dessert was sweet and light, it melted in the mouth in a truffle-like manner. However, there was no distinctive aroma of coffee at all. It was a little disappointing. To add alcohol to the Tiramisu, there was an additional charge of SGD$5.00 for each order, so we skipped that. This was a unique concept, but all I could say was that I'd had better Tiramisu at other restaurants or cafes before, such as Caffe B @ MBS or L'atelier Tiramisu @ The Central.

Overall, we spent a total of SGD$69.75, rather lovely hangout overall.

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