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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Brunch at The Bravery Cafe

Brunch time at Lavendar / Jalan Besar area - I never knew there was a cluster of cafes hidden in this area, all filled with happy patrons enjoying cups of hot coffee and digging ravenously into their brunch / lunch / pastries. The chosen venue this time is The Bravery at 66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073 and the connection number is 6225 4287. 

It has a very nondescript exterior, in fact the panes metal and reflective glass doors made it deceptive - one wouldnt know it was a cafe if not for the tables outside; and looking for the "door" was another challenge. No, I never knew its existence if not for my friend *Celine suggesting it.

Interior-wise, a very "hipsteristic" and relaxing ambience of non-fussy wooden tables, simple chairs and a fully function bar counter filled with bustling baristas hard at work. Music was blasting and we took a seat in the rustic cafe with their cement floors, and bare furnishings. The highlight in decor was probably this ornamental horse situated right smack in the middle of the cafe.

It was not hard for us to make our selection and place order with the friendly staff here. I knew I had to have the Lavendar Latte that was their signature - imagine sweet milky froth that comes with a strong flavor of Lavendar. The only catch was having to chew on the tiny little lavendar seedlings that we give credit to, for the strong aroma. The marriage of lavendar and milky-coffee was surprisingly good, even blissful.

Hungry little me was prepared to wait 30 minutes to 45 minutes for my food, which the staff had informed beforehand. But they exceeded expectation (for waiting time) by alot, since my food came within 15 minutes, and I took the recommendation by the waitress - Raunchy Eggs - two fried eggs with spicy beans with anchovies, Parmesan with shredded cabbage on tortilla. I added crispy fried bacon that I believe was responsible for the dish being extra tasty. The eggs would've been lovelier if the edges were brown, the way I like it. But nonetheless, it was a nutritious and tasty treat especially eaten with the shredded cabbages, cheese and thin slice of tortilla at the bottom. What a hearty brunch.

*Celine's Brave Begedil came shortly after - poached eggs with turkey bacon on avocado corned beef Begedil hash. I had been tempted to order this initially, but the only problem was poached eggs - I dont like them. Anyway, the crispy bacon and avocado perked the meal up, and the corned beef hash was tasty - soft patty with a heavy Indian flavor to it.

Our total damage came up to $45.50, and it was a good start to a sunny Sunday.

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