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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Tea Break at Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty at Ion Orchard, under Paradise Inn's Group of Restaurants, was definitely one of the places I wanted to visit for quite sometime, mainly because of the famous colorful Xiao Long Baos (tiny Chinese buns stuffed with meat and soup).

So I finally got to visit and try that famous delicacy. Paradise Dynasty has many outlets; the one at Ion Orchard is located at 2 Orchard Turn, #04-12A Ion Orchard Singapore 238801, and there is no number to dial since they do not take reservations.

During lunch hours, dinner time and weekends, the queue is long. I chose to visit in afternoon, about 3pm, where half the nation should be working or studying (hopefully). There was no queue, so I was escorted in to the elegant, chandelier-adorned Chinese restaurant. After sitting down, I very confidently informed them I wanted a set of the colorful fusion Xiao Long Bao.

The restaurant boosts of a very elegant setting, adorned with expensive ceiling light units and cushy furniture. Even the ceilings themselves are intricately-decorated. The waitresses, while not overly-friendly, are efficient. It is a great place for business meetings, family meals or friends to enjoy a nice proper Chinese-cuisine lunch or dinner.

The large round tray arrived with my much-anticipated order. The sight of the eight steaming-hot, colorful Xiao Long Buns within whetted my appetite, and I was eager to take my first bite.

Starting in clockwise order, beginning with the orange bun:
Orange - crab roe
Black - truffle
Pink - ma la (spicy)
White - foie gras
Translucent - original
Green - herbal
Yellow - cheese
Gray - garlic

The first bite into the buns, the hot soup squired delightfully into our tongue, totally complementing the pork meat inside the bun. The flavors are rich, and distinctive. The meat inside the buns are soft and tasty; I was just slightly disappointed at tiny chunks of fats found within a couple of the buns.

Other than that, I also found the garlic flavor a little too strong for my liking.  I enjoyed the herbal and crab roe ones the best. The set of Xiao Long Baos is SGD$16.80.

Besides this visit, I have visited this exact outlet once more - this time ordering other side dishes but regrettedly, did not take pictures.

Another visit, I dropped by Paradise Inn at Nex, Serangoon for dinner. One of their dishes, the Salted Egg Prawns, is to die for. The fresh, juicy prawns coated with the sandy, sweet-salty taste of the salted egg yolk, gives the dish a very unique taste and texture. I kept having cravings for it ever since. It is available on the menu for SGD$15.00 the last time I had it.

If you are looking to try quality Chinese dimsum or food, do give them a try. It is worth the queue and money, for sure.

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