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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

BLACK Coffee Dessert Bar

Tired of all the food and drinks, I have decided to write about this cafe, BLACK Coffee Dessert Bar, as well, simply because they serve the most awesome Soy Mocha.

I used to frequent the outlet at TripleOne Somerset, where they came with uniquely-designed, comfortable seats and was always filled with patrons at all hours of the day.

That outlet is no longer around, so let's take a look at the BLACK Coffee branch located at Raffles Place, serving the professionals and executives who need a good dose of daily caffeine fix, an ideal location for meetings or a place to unwind and enjoy nice desserts. Pop down to 16 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049318, or call 6534 4220.

This outlet offers a quiet environment, soothingly dim, with dark wood tables and comfortable couches; and is always filled with executives-looking types hankering the tables for an afternoon of chattering or discussions. I tried reading there before, but it was not pleasant to the eyes due to the dimness; nonetheless, one still enjoys the comforting surroundings and heavenly aroma of good brews.

I usually order my signature Soy Mocha (hot) and Dark Chocolate Tart.

The Soy Mocha is a decidedly-fabulous blend of chocolate-coffee infused with the gentle scent of soy sweetness. No doubt a healthier alternative  than milk or cream as well, this piping hot of good caffeine boost. It is usually presented with lovely coffee art, adding beauty to this delicious concoction.

The Chocolate Tart comes with a hard crust and powdery, dusky layering of chocolate encasing the cake itself. Truth be known, there is no richness of taste, and the crust is a tad hard, but in its own imperfection, it is strangely addictive.

I usually spend about SGD$16.00 here. Pop by anytime for an inexpensive, tasty afternoon indulgence in a place of dark beauty. They serve sandwiches and salads as well, for the lunch-seekers.

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