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Monday, 9 July 2018

Review on Gua Sha Detox Therapy @ Body Perfect [Sponsored]

68 Orchard Road #04-30 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Tel: 6532 0188

Body Perfect is a weight management centre using the proven combination of Science, Technology and Tradition to help clients lose weight without pills, dieting and injections. They believe in body balance composition - perfect balance of body fats, water and lean mass. Currently, they have outlets at Compass One, Parkway Parade, Plaza Singapura, Tampines One, Toa Payoh Central and Westgate Mall.

I was honoured to be invited for a Gua Sha Detox Therapy session (worth SGD$188.00) at their Plaza Singapura outlet, using the technique of TCM circulatory treatment to drain fats and tighten contours by addressing the stagnant energy ("qi") in the body. This was a totally holistic treatment without machines or devices; merely Gua Sha skills and pure Essential Oils.

When I reached Body Perfect, the consultant went through a health and lifestyle questionnaire with me to understand my needs better; I also filled out a personal particulars form. Then I was brought to the treatment room - which, like the rest of the salon, was simply furnished and modest in size. I changed into the disposable undergarment provided and waited for the therapist to attend to me.

The trained therapist began the process of scraping my skin with varying strokes, targeting the tummy and thigh areas (my main concerns) - this would help stimulate accupoint microcirculation of the soft tissue, which in turn improves blood circulation. The process could be described as mildly uncomfortable to a little painful - depending on your pain threshold. The detoxifying process lasted around 30- 40 minutes.

I was warned that there could be a fair bit of flatulence (i.e. "farting", or emission of air through the anus) due to the Gua Sha stimulation around my abdomen area. She also explained that for greater efficiency, holistic treatments are usually combined with machine technology here to complement each other and produce faster results. My tummy, which was hard to the touch, felt soft after the treatment - the therapist explained that when fats are softened, they are easier to break down and be flushed out, aiding in weight loss.

Overall, I enjoyed the Gua Sha slimming session here, and felt more body confident as I squeezed into my new clothes. Thank you Body Perfect for the sponsored session.

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