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Friday, 11 May 2018

Review on Micro Bubble Cleansing Facial Treatment @ Yoga Beauty Palace

470 North Bridge Road #02-06A Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735
Tel: 6258 4119 / 8826 2789

After my Gel Manicure at Yoga Beauty Palace (review here), I was delighted to be back to try their facial series. This particular treatment I tried was the Micro Bubble Cleansing Facial (SGD$158.00), a Korean beauty technology.

Through the use of micro-bubbles, this machine dissolves impurities and oil clogging up the pores, injecting hydration at the same time thereby cleaning away dead skin cells without irritating sensitive skin or stripping away skin's nutrients. It's a highly effective facial hydrotherapy that deep-cleanses in a most soothing manner.

Cleansing of makeup was first performed on my face before a Mask to prepare the skin for the treatment. The Mask sought to open up the pores and detox, as jets of steam complemented the process.

The Micro Bubble cleansing device was used next, the mouth of the device effecting small "suction" movements around my face. With each pull from the "mouth", tugging my pores to cleanse them, my skin was immediately soothed by the tiny sprays of water. Yoga, the lady-boss of Yoga Beauty Palace, showed me the water after treatment - filled with dusty white particles that were dirt clogging up my pores.

Another Mask was then spread over my face; this one denser and richer, made with an expensive capsule-type mask (think, your pills). The blue capsules are for hydration while the red capsules are for rejuvenation. Yoga spread the viscous mixture over my face with a brush; it felt really cool and comfortable. Another device from the same machine was used on my skin now, kind of like pressing the capsule Mask deeper into my skin for better absorption.

Following that, Facial Massage using carefully-choreographed TCM techniques was performed on my face - lots of lifting moves and concentration on the under-eyes and cheek areas. Yoga explained these moves would counter the pull of gravity (resulting in sagging skin) - her techniques helped in lifting and contouring of the skin.

Finally, a final Hydrating Sheet Mask was used on my face, concluding the treatment. When the mask was taken off after 15 minutes, I was surprised to see that my skin had become fairer and very radiant, exuding a kind of glow that I never imagined possible. I had a meeting after the facial treatment and Yoga offered to do makeup for me  but I rejected, because my skin looked so clear and radiant; I couldn't bear to pile makeup on top of it.  I was confident enough to meet my clients bare-faced after the treatment.

Once again, I was impressed by the high level of dedication and professionalism shown by Yoga and team, ensuring that every step was performed with utmost care, gentleness and using only quality products. To try this Micro-Bubble Cleansing Facial Treatment for yourself, call 6258 4119 / 8826 2789 now to book an appointment and quote "Elle10"  to enjoy 10% off.

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