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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Lunch at Man Man Unagi (鳗满) Restaurant @ Bugis

7 Fraser Street, #01-48 Duo Galleria, Singapore 189356
Tel: 6702 1500

Man Man Unagi Restaurant by Teppei made food journal headlines for a long time, specialising in unagi (eel) dishes, and always generating a long queue at its flagship outlet at Keong Saik Street.

Being a fan of Unagi, this restaurant piqued my interest. The only 2 reasons stopping me from visiting earlier were the long queue (I don't queue for food if I could help it), and openings. Yes, they open at 11.30am, close at 2.30pm and then reopen at 6.00pm - 10.00pm.

They opened a 2nd outlet at Duo Galleria recently. In case you are wondering where that is- lookout for that gorgeous new building next to Parkview Square (diagonally across from BHG). The new outlet is small, has a very simple interior and a friendly service crew.

The menu comprises mostly Unagi items - set meals with grilled Unagi, Unagi rice bowls, and Unagi with Roast Beef Rice Bowls etc. One could choose the large set, meant for 2 to share, or choose the medium / smaller portions. Some rice bowls come with poached eggs as well. I started with a small glass of Suntory Beer.

I selected a Kimo Don (SGD$27.90)- rice bowl set made up of 4 pieces of Unagi, grilled Unagi liver, seaweed soup, and pickled vegetables. I loved how the seaweed soup came with thin slivers of yuzu peel, giving it a refreshing touch.

I enjoyed the grilled Unagi with its slippery texture and Smokey notes weaving through its sweetness. As for the grilled eel liver, I also enjoyed the chewy, springy texture and heavier flavour.

Overall, the meal was enjoyable and I was glad I satisfied an item off the food bucket list - Man Man Unagi Restaurant.

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