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Monday, 28 May 2018

Dinner at TungLok Signatures @ Changi City Point

5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-26 / 27 Changi City Point, Singapore 486038
Tel: 6636 0606

After the 2 visits at TungLok Teahouse (review here), I decided it was time to visit TungLok Signature again, so I rounded the family up for a dinner gathering at the Changi City outlet (most of them reside in the East).

Menu items were good enough but not too extensive; seemingly conventional Chinese fare with a modern fusion twist. Interior decor was lavish with indoor and outdoor (not like alfresco-style, but along the mall's passageways) seating available. Service crew was professional and polite enough.

We were a little disappointed as we were looking forward to having Crab (even though their flavors only comprise White Pepper, Curry or Chilli)- but there was no more crab for the evening (it was only 7.30pm). They served some Prawn Crackers (SGD$3.00) for us to nibble on while we pondered over the menus.

The meal began with Deep-fried Fish Skin with rich Salted Egg sauce (SGD$10.00) - very delectable and addictive actually, but the sauce was decadent so around 2 - 3 pieces each, was enough, without feeling too overwhelmed.

Next up, Wasabi Shrimp Balls (SGD$) for medium - crispy, deep-fried battered shrimp balls slathered with creamy wasabi sauce. Not too spicy, just the right amount of kick, and the bouncy texture of fresh shrimps was very enjoyable.

We also had the Spinach with 3 Eggs dish (SGD$) - fresh greens stir-fried to the right doneness mixed with century eggs, salted egg and fresh chicken eggs.

Then we had Garoupa with Lily Bulbs (SGD$38.00) - sweet-fleshed, flaky garoupa dish slices stir-fried with crunchy lily bulbs and capsicum for extra flavours.

Following that, we had the Roast Platter (SGD$57.00 for medium) , comprising roast chicken, BBQ pork (char siew) and crispy pork belly. The platter is fixed so we could not choose our own choice of meat, such as Irish duck. It was quite good overall, especially the crispy pork belly which was gone within seconds; we just found the chicken and char siew a little salty.

Moving on, Curry Prawns served with 6 fried buns (SGD$), an interesting twist to traditional Chinese fare. The gravy was spicy and creamy; I liked it. Not sure if the prawns were soaked too long in the gravy, but there wasnt the springy-ness we anticipated.

Prawns in Tomato Sauce (SGD$) was next; this batch of fleshy prawns had the springy fresh texture, and tomato enhanced its natural sweet flavor.

After that, we tried the Pork Shank (SGD$18.00) - very huge portion of tender braised meat with melty skin.

Final mains - the Seafood Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf (SGD$). We were expecting traditional zi-char style fried rice with the wok's breath ("wok-hei"). There was no wok's breath, though elements like seafood and lotus leaf were intact. The layer of baked cheese and addition of ham made gave the fried rice a Macau-style baked rice feel, and the entire dish was very salty. Each of us had a couple spoonfuls and packed this back so we could redo the dish.

For desserts, the Avocado Cream with Purple Rice (SGD$6.00) and a scoop of gelato was lovely and every bite was inviting; refreshing.

Mango Beancurd (SGD$6.00) was smooth and fragrant of mango's aroma but too watery in texture.

Finally, Herbal Jelly with Longan Gelato (SGD$6.00) served well to cool the palate and delight the soul. We loved the bittersweet combination and beautiful blend of lychee taste.

Overall, we rather enjoyed the dinner at Tunglok Signatures; and were especially thankful for their thoughtful decor of the huge tray (with handwritten words of blessings) for our celebratory cake. Note that cake is our own - they provided the tray with words of blessings and decor.

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