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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Lunch at Aburi Sushi Heishirou @ Westgate

3 Gateway Drive #03-05 Westgate Mall, Singapore 608532
Tel: 6369 9489

Aburi Sushi Heishirou Japanese Restaurant hails from Kyushu Japan, and the name implies their specialty to be Aburi (torched) items undeniably. Interior was cozy - a large counter seating area, with about 4 small booth seats on the side; the exterior has quite a few tables but we found it to be a little warm during lunch time.

Service was excellent from start to finish. To be very frank, we had walked by the restaurant on our way to another restaurant on level 3 for lunch, but the friendly restaurant manager Uncle (apologies for not having caught his name - but we both agree that every restaurant should have someone like him!) caught our attention, and we turned back to walk into the restaurant with him.

Sushi, sashimi, beef and Japanese curry items etc - they have it all here. We started with hot Japanese Green Tea and a very delectable Chawanmushi filled with crabstick for that mildly sweet sensation. Food was served pretty fast and on-point, and I liked how their counter seat was spacious. We could place our dishes around comfortably and not elbow each other.

*YX had the Chicken Katsu Curry with Rice (SGD$16.00) - thick curry gravy with soft-boiled, huge potatoes and crispy deep-fried chicken that composed a very yummy dish.

I settled for Chirashi Don (SGD$27.00), comprising thick, moistened and springy slices of raw fish assortment - salmon, tuna, scallop, shrimp etc. Each bite was satisfying and I nearly finished the entire bowl of rice (I usually omit carbs now).

Aburi Mori (SGD$12.00), because its their specialty, and was palatable. The platter consisted of 5 types of lightly-flamed sushi, such as Salmon, Scallops, etc, and the torched fish slices melted in the mouth beautifully.

Finally, because craving called for it - Salmon Belly Sashimi Sushi (SGD$4.80) - thick and bouncy slices of salmon belly that tickled the palate and made me yearn for more.

Thank you Aburi Sushi Heishirou for the lovely dining experience on 2 occasions. I certainly look forward to be back at this quality, non-pretentious Japanese restaurant for more.

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