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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Vegetarian Dinner at Marina Bay Sands Ballroom

1 Bayfront Avenue, Level 5, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore 018971
Tel: 6688 8888

Many of us are no strangers to meals at Marina Bay Sands Ballroom; more likely than not, we have attended corporate or personal events here before because of the lovely location and wide selection of ballrooms.

I penned this entry because it was the first time I attended a Vegetarian Lohei meal here at Marina Bay Sands. Prior to dinner being served, I did not know what to expect at all.

Setting was sophisticated and lavish as usual, this time donned in lots of red and gold because of Lunar New Year. Neon lights and decorations were not spared at all, and as usual, a huge crew was around to ensure that every table received prompt attention.

Let us now take a look at the menu so you know what was in-store for us that night. We had the 8-course dinner which I was told cost around $1,888 per table of 10.

We were actually served a plate of "Shou Tao" (aka "Longevity Peaches"), which were actually lotus paste buns made in likeliness of pretty pink peaches. This first dish was not listed on the menu.

Because it was Lunar New Year, Rainbow Prosperity Yu Sheng was a must, a giant platter of salad with mock salmon sashimi for us to toss while muttering phrases of well wishes before consuming.

Next, something warm and nutritious and utterly tasty - Double Boiled Soup with Morel Muhroom, Cordyceps Flower and Bamboo Pith.

Following that, Braised Beancurd Knot with Mushroom and Broccoli, another satisfying dish with good flavours and crunchy texture.

Then there were a couple more dishes which I didnt manage to snap photos of, namely Wok Fried Shitake Mushroom and Asparagus, as well as Braised Beancurd and Cabbages. It's not hard to picture how these dishes look like, anyway.

The Sweet and Sour Mock Fish was very good as well, made from soy and beancurd for that springy texture and tastewise, palatable. It was the favorite dish of the night for many of us.

Another dish we enjoyed was the last course before dinner - Vegetarian Fried Rice on Lotus Leaf, with lots of chestnuts for bite and tinge of sweetness amidst the aroma of the earthly mushroom, dark-sauced dish.

Finally, Desserts, which comprised of 2 items, firstly Red Bean Soup with Glutinous Ball and Lotus Seed - we loved how the soup was not cloyingly sweet or disgustingly thick, like how most places serve them. Instead, flavour was light, gently sweetened and textures varied due to the added ingredients.

The Deep-fried Black Sesame and Red Bean Balls were also very welcomed, as they were devoured quickly.

Overall, we enjoyed the vegetarian meal very much - hearty, wholesome, delicious and healthy!

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