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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Lunch at Tendon Kohaku @ Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Road #02-34 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Tel: 6221 8311

I am a lover of Japanese food, therefore am no stranger to popular items such as sushi and sashimi or ramen, etc. "Tendon", I must say, is a pretty new concept for me, as it has an entirely different meaning in English, meaning a 'flexible but inelastic cord of collagen tissue attaching a muscle to a bone'.

Then I learned that in Japanese, a "Tendon" was tempura on rice, which excited me immensely. I love battered fried stuff secretly, esepcially with seafood items. That was when I knew I had to visit Tendon Kohaku - they currwntly have 4 outlets in Singapore, being Chinatown Point, Suntec City, Boat Quay and Changi Airport Terminal 2.

Their usual signature is the Kohaku Tendon - rice bowl of Vegetables Tempura, Ebi (Prawns) Tempura, Chicken Tempura, etc). As with all their Tendon bowls, one could choose between Spicy and Non-Spicy, as well as choice of Japan 16 Multi-Grains Rice or Nanatsuboshi Hokkaido Rice.

I was here for their Winter special, the Ocean Gems Tendon (SGD$23.00), which comprised all the delicious Crustacean delights into one bowl - Shrimp Tempura, King Crab Tempura, Snow Crab Tempura, Scallops Tempura, Squid Tempura  and Oyster Tempura.

The batter was very light, almost like a dusting of flour to give the seafood a crispy coat; the use of seaweed enhanced the flavour with earthly notes. The flesh was springy and lovely to bite into, as well. In short, this was simply seafood haven, and I was happy to have tried it.

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