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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Dinner at Paradise Dynasty Restaurant @ Ion Orchard (Revisit)

2 Orchard Turn #04-12A ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Tel: 9116 6487

Having visited Paradise Dynasty @ Ion (review here) and deciding that it is my favorite Chinese restaurant, I decided to bring the Mom for dinner after a shopping session.

The ambience was a sophisticated combination of ancient Chinese imperial-style decor meets modern intricate elegance from ceiling to floor. Service was impeccable and professional, befitting of such a grand setting.

We started with the mandatory must-order signature colorful Xiao Long Baos (SGD$16.80) comprising of 8 different flavours. There was even a proper sequence to eat them- starting with Original to Ginseng Chicken to Foie Gras to Black Truffle; followed by Cheesey, Crab Roe, Garlic and Szechuan. Each flavour was distinct, unique, delicious and pork tender.

We shared some Radish Pastry - delicate, flakey skin cocooning sweet radish strips, served piping hot. The result instilled a craving in me that lasted for days on end.

Some Spinach to balance the meal and provide fibre for us. Moistened and made aromatic with dried garlic, the dish was a hit with us.

Scrambled Eggs with Scallops and Fish (SGD$16.80) was a hearty dish with smooth and springy texture.

Finally, under the large variety of La Mian (noodles) category,  we decided to go for Zha Jiang Mian  炸酱面  (minced pork tossed in sauce and noodles). The noodles had a good springy texture and sauce was palatable, leaning mildly towards the spicier side.

We also packed back the Yangzhou Fried Rice, comprising egg and fresh shrimps in the delelctable, texturized and well-moistened rice.

Overall we enjoyed the dining experience here at Paradise Dynasty and the mom could understand why this is my favorite Chinese restaurant completely. I look forward to being vack for more.

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