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Monday, 5 February 2018

Lunch at Lao Huo Tang Restaurant @ JEM

50 Jurong Gateway, #03-23 JEM, Singapore 608549
Tel: 6734 7933

Being a lover of Lao Huo Tang's soups at their various stalls around Singapore, I decided to bring The Mom to their restaurant at JEM for lunch.

Decor was simple yet lovely, with red lantern lamps adorning the long ceiling. Service crew was made up of patient and hospitable aunties (aka older ladies). Order was done using the Order Chit on each table.

Besides many types of quality, homely Chinese soups (such as "ABC Soup", Lotus Root Ribs Soup, Watercress Soup, Old Cucumber Soup etc), they also serve a variety of many other vegetable, poultry and seafood dishes.

Mom had the Duck Soup with Salted Vegetables Soup (SGD $14.80) - a large personal pot that could have been shared by 2 persons. A sour plum lent a tarty note to the soup, laden generously with tender duck meat and large leaves of salted vegetables.

I chose the Pig's Stomach Soup (SGD $9.80) was also served in the cute black pot, mildly spicy with pepper taste, filled with lots of soft pig's stomach pieces and gingko nuts. I enjoyed it, but realized that there was no silken beancurd skin ("tau kee") that the soup stalls used to include.

The Sweet and Sour Grouper (SGD $19.80). Fresh flakey slices of snowy fish coated with batter that must have been crispy before tomato sauce pooled it. Served alongside were tomato wedges, onion, cucumber and pineapple cubes.

We also had a plate of Kai Lan Vegatables (SGD $10.80) stir-fried with garlic. This vegetables may also be known as "Chinese Kale"  or "Chinese Broccoli".

Finally, a bowl of Brown Rice  (SGD $2.00) for sharing - just because soup always goes well with rice. Usually I would go for the Pumpkin Rice studded with tiny dried shrimp but the Mom is allergic to shrimps.

Overall, we enjoyed the Cantonese, home-styled dishes here and will be back again.

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