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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Review on Yacht Charter with Ximula Sail

11 Cove Drive, ONE°15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497
Tel: 8716 1519

Friends of mine know that I have always loved water bodies and vessels, strangely addiction for someone who has Hydrophobia and panics whenever her head goes underwater. Chuckles. That aside, being onboard yachts, cruises, ferries, and ships always delight me - with the elements of the sand, sun and sea as enticing prospects.

I was happy to be part of the group chartering Ximula Sail for a day of fun out at sea, letting the breeze kiss my skin all over.  The yacht can hold up to 18 persons and is docked at One° 15 Marina Club, Sentosa - home to many beautiful yachts. Service by director Min Qi was fantastic as well - friendly, personable, and always keeping a lookout for the safety of her passengers.

Introduction of the yacht was made to us - galley, bedrooms and whatever's exterior. We started sailing around 4.30pm, but before that were prepped with Calming Ginger Pills if we needed, to prevent seasick-ness.  I had no need for those, thankfully. Food may be catered for consumption onboard the yacht, and packing list (caps, ponchos, towels, swimsuit, etc) was disseminated to us before we set sail.

The yacht sailed to Lazarus Island where we could kayak and swim. The waters were clear and surroundings were tranquil, the perfect getaway from city life's immense stress. We stayed there for about 2 hours before the yacht turned back toward Sentosa. I got to steer the wheel, with detailed advice and guidance from their friendly captains.

All in all, the sailing experience was amazing and I would love to do this a lot more often. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this fun and beautiful trip out at sea! Charters are reasonably-priced, starting from SGD$1,200 so do contact Ximula Sail today for your corporate / personal events!

Photo credits:  Meng Lee @ Lifeview Photography and Alvin D. S.

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