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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Review on EPL Brazilian Treatment at Nue Lifestyle @ Bugis

470 North Bridge Road #02-10A Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735
Tel: 8522 3751

Thrilled to be trying out EPL Brazilian Treatment - you heard it right. Not a typo or misspelling of IPL. Let me share a little on E-Pulse Light Treatment. Only Nue Lifestyle offers this type of advanced hair removal treatment as of  now.

The usual medical declaration form filling and changing into white robe ensued, followed by donning the black protective eyewear prior to treatment.

One of the lastest hair removal technology, EPL works by delivering pulses of light into the skin at a specific wavelength which is selectively immersed in the hair follicle's melanin. The light energy then heats the pigment and effectively disables hair follicle without harming surrounding skin tissue.

In short, a painless way of permanent hair removal technique. Treatment was soothing and cooling all the way - starting with thick layer of cold gel spread across the lady parts, then the cold surface of device which emanated heat energy.

The entire procedure was completed within 30 minutes, with the therapist being soft-spooken and knowledgeable the entire time. No hard selling nor pressure of any kind at all.

Thus concludes my experience trying out EPL Brazilian at Nue Lifestyle @ Bugis Cube. It is recommended to shave a day in advance for optimal results.

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