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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Ladies Night at Cafe Melba @ Mediapolis (Revisit)

1 Stars Avenue #03-01 Mediapolis, Singapore 138507
Tel: 6352 2721

Visited Cafe Melba (review here) a couple ofntimes and enjoyed the spaciousness as well as serenity garnered from its non-crowded settings.

Recently when we learned of Wednesdays' Ladies' Night indulgence, we were naturally drawn like bees to pollen, flocking over to check the weekly event out.

So what happens is that ladies receive complimentary, free-flow selected drinks (usually a beer and a cocktail to choose from) - one has to collect over the counter herself though.

That night, choice of drinks was Hoegaarden Rosee or Cosmopolitan. The former is sweet and most people already know its taste anyway. The Cosmopolitan Cocktail was palatable, and it was gratifying to see the bartender taking his work very seriously, serving only the well-concocted drinks only, even though it was complimentary.

Foodwise, we shared a Chilli Crab Pizza, enjoying the lightly spicy flavor and crispy crust.

There was also Salt and Pepper Squid, a favorite of mine. Succulent in taste, enhanced by salt and pepper, the soft, chewy squid slices were lovely to munch on, over drinks.

Finally, Chicken Wings, well greased and moistened, with tender flesh and marinated.

Overall, a lovely place for a meal or for chilling out. The service crew continued to be understanding and polite, efficiently making dining here a nice experience.

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