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Monday, 4 December 2017

[Invited Tasting] Christmas Buffet at Element Restaurant @ Amara Hotel

165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Lobby Level, Amara Hotel, Singapore 088539
Tel: 6879 2607
Price: SGD$138.00 for Christmas Eve Dinner (Adult) , 
top up SGD$2.00 for free-flow alcoholic drinks.

My last visit at Element @ Amara Hotel (review here) left a fabulous impression, so when it comes to Christmas feasting, how could I not revisit Element? Besides the usual delectable spread at Element Restaurant - such as Japanese cuisine, Chinese fare, Italian food and Desserts counter, etc - let us see what's instore this Christmas for feasting in merriment?

There's the tender, juicy Peranakan-Roasted Turkey with buah keluak sauce - well moistened and utterly delicious. Whoever said that turkey meat is tough should stand aside.

Cognac Lobster Bisque - creamy, sweet and warming the soul, but lacking in the distinct crustacean flavour that I have tried (at other locations) before.

There's the beautifully-arranged tray of Assorted Cold Cuts - Parma Ham, Salami and Prosciutto, each piece tasting as good as it looks.

I enjoyed the Roasted Duck Rilette with Red Wine very much as well, casting a lovely coarse-and-smooth texture in my mouth as it melted beautifully. This dish is served with dried fruits ad gherkin salsa.

Next personal favorite of mine was the Stir-fried Moreton Bay Bug with Salted Egg Batter - may also be known as "bay lobster"  or "slipper lobster" - the springy flesh crunched beautifully in the mouth, exuding lusciousness of its thickly-coated salted egg batter.

Moving on, another addictive dish - Roasted Chicken with Meat Floss - crackling skin and tender flesh, flavour enhanced dramatically by meat floss blanketing the exterior.

Finally, my great love - Grilled Harami Beef with Foie Gras Cubes - blissfully indulgent, melty and delicious for sure. Think succulent beef paired with creamy foie gras for that perfect combination; it was like food heaven awaited us.

Other food items include Butter Pumpking Squares (a tad too buttery for my liking), Steamed Broccoli with Conpoy and Chinese Mushrooms (looking deceptively simple but sharply palatable). Steamed Sea Bass, beautiful arrangement of Fresh Prawns, and Tuna Tataki with Cucumber Ribbons and Puffed Quinoa (amazing stuff).

Desserts always wraps up a meal flawlessly, and over here, it is no exception. The Assortment of Macarons is gorgeous and not cloyingly sweet like how most macarons are. Some special festive flavours for the season include salted caramel, gingerbread spices and coconut.

Chempedek Yule Log Cake is a signature flavour here at Element. Elegant in appearance, this dazzling dessert leaves a sweet aroma in the mouth, like a beautiful lasting impression. This logcake is available for takeout purchase at SGD$28.00 (half kg) / SGD$52.00 (one kg).

Raspberry Chocolate with Petit Marshmallow Log Cake is an innovative creation with a pudding-like texture because of the marshmallow, like satin upon the tongue compared to its spongy counterparts. Flavour is light, and there is the mild note of alcohol. This cake can be purchased at SGD$26.00 (half kg) / SGD$52.00 (one kg).

Overall, we enjoyed the dining experience at Element @ Amara very much once again, basking in the festive vibes and gobbling ourselves silly on the quality, tasty spread right here.  If you haven't made your Christmas plans yet, or have no idea where to go - Element @ Amara is your answer.

Thank you Lindy and team for hosting us, as well as the invite!

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