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Monday, 11 December 2017

Buffet Lunch at The King Louis Grill and Bar @ Vivocity

1 Harbourfront Walk #03-07A Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Tel: 6276 0862

For our annual Christmas gathering, The Phe and I decided to treat ourselves to The King's A La Carte Buffet (SGD$39.90) at The King Louie Grill and Bar. I have been wanting to check this restaurant out for a while, so it was a lovely coincidence that she suggested this diner.

Let's see, the interior was spacious with windows overlooking the sea. The castle-themed restaurant consisted lots of gold and bronze tones with life-size armour knights as well as specially-crafted wooden furniture. Service crew was pretty friendly and attentive; food was served at a good pace.

Menu is termed "medieval cuisine" but its mainly Western / American cuisine, centered around grill and seafood items. We were pretty excited to get started with this "all-you-can-eat" buffet and there were so many items to choose from.

Tea were served in golden teapots worthy of the royalty; I enjoyed my Lemongrass and Ginger Tea.

For starters, we helped ourselves to Mushroom Soup and Onion Soup - the latter comprising a very delicious cheesy pastry in the hearty soup itself.

We also had Caesar Salad and some Seasonal Vegetables. Some crunchy Garlic Bread slices acted as good accompaniment for the soups and salads.

Mussels were pretty decent as well; there were the ones with tomato sauce and white wine sauce.

Moving on, there were Fried Chicken Winglets (good and crispy!), Curly Fries (reminding us of the good old A&W days), Potato Wedges, and Golden Calamari Rings.

From the grill, we had Signature Pork Ribs (tender, falling off the racks easily; sweet honeyed flavour) and Gourmet Roasted Beef (roasted to a lovely smokey note, pretty succulent but could be more moistened).

Then some pasta for sharing - Seafood Marinara, laden with shrimps and scallops. This was one of my favorite dishes here.

Finally, desserts! Mango Ice-cream chilled tje palate with the delicious aroma of mango sweetness; while Oreo Cheesecake buttered the tongue with smooth delight studded with oreo crumbs for bite.

Did we enjoy our royal feast? You bet. After all, whats not to love in a magnificent castle-themed restaurant with sea views? Though we were hoping that the food items could be in smaller portions for the buffet promotion, so we could try more items.

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