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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Brunch at Fartz Tart Cafe @ Singapore Expo [Revisit]

1 Expo Drive, #02-04 Max-Atria Foyer 1, Singapore 486150
Tel: 6493 2901

Having revisited Fart Tartz Cafe numerous times (review here) and enjoying their food and desserts, I decided to suggest this venue for our Christmas meetup.

Since my last visit, Fart Tartz Cafe has not only increased their menu offerings to include warm pasta in jars, they also have some Flat Bread Burgers. Better yet, they now have a new branch at South Bridge Road (Fook Hai Building), which is definitely more accessible for its central location.

We started with drinks and I chose an Iced Moroccan Mint Tea (SGD$5.50) - light  cooling and refreshing. The girls also enjoyed their Cappuccinos and Iced Coffees as well.

Foodwise, we shared the Mentai Takoyaki (SGD$8.90) - tasty Japanese octopus balls with homemade mentaiko sauce, seaweed strips and scallions.

For mains, all of us incidentally had the Pasta Asciutta, served in huge jars.

Herby Vongolia (SGD$14.90) - sauteed clams linguine pasta dish done aglio olio style, with basilico-infused olive and butter oil, sliced garlic, fresh basil, grinded peppercorn and bell pepper. A delicious and spicy dish but the "herby" part in the name left us baffled.

Lemony Garlic Prawn (SGD$14.90) comprised linguine tossed in fresh garlic and lemon juice, fresh springy de-shelled prawns, parmesan cheese, fresh crushed English parsley, crushed red pepper, chopped onions, unsalted butter and olive oil seasoning. This was undoubtedly a palatable dish.

The Teriyaki Chix Spaghettini (SGD$12.90) was made up of springy spaghettini pasta, tender chicken cubes with Japanese teriyaki sauce, fresh garlic, onions and parsley.

I opted for my usual favorite here, the Chilled Prawn Angel's Hair Pasta (SGD$11.90), a signature dish here composed of chilled capellini pasta with fresh bouncy de-shelled prawns and scallops, tossed in their special flavorful housemade sauce, olive oil, sesame, parsley, Japanese cucumber slices, sea salt and shredded seaweed. Definitely delightful and delectable dish; highly recommended.

For desserts, we shared a few jarred-in, non-bake Tiramisu flavours (SGD$6.80 each) and flowerpot "Mud Tart" desserts (SGD$5.50 each); their flavours change frequently so you never know what you'll get anyday :)

On this day, most of the flavours contained cheese, and came in pretty Christmas decor.
We had the Original Tiramisu, Earl Grey Tiramisu, Cheese Nutella Mud Tart and Oreo Cheese Mud Tart. The flavours were interesting but I enjoyed the previous non-cheese versions better.

Overall, Fart Tartz Cafe is a comfortable, serene and lovely place to hang out at; paired with palatable food and pretty desserts. I shall check their new outlet out as well.

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