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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Lunch at Wine & Chef @ Telok Ayer

7 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089115
Tel: 6221 9279

It was time for our monthly Foodies' gathering, and we decided to try out Wine and Chef located at Keong Saik Road, Telok Ayer area. An interesting and chillax gastrobar with a good selection of wines as well as contemporary fusion food. You haven't heard the best part yet - wines start from SGD$6.00 a glass! Yes, knock yourself out.

Service was excellent with very friendly staff ever ready to make good recommendations. Ambience was easy-going  with no formal dress code. Menu items have changed since our visit in mid 2017 but the selection still looks enticing (yes, sorry for  very delayed review).

We started with Crispy Fries (SGD$6.00) - thick cut with Cajun Spice to add that fiery kick to this starter. Do feel free to ask for the non-spicy version if you prefer.

The Tofu and Century Egg (SGD$8.00) was a heartwarming, delightful starter composed of smooth steamed egg beancurd, century egg pieces, and Pok Cui crackers that crunched deliciously in the mouth.

Next, Curry Pork Knuckle (SGD$20.00) - not your typical German pork knuckle with the crackling skin. This is done more Chinese style - braised to a gentle succulence with a nice curry flavour and Chinese Achar (pickled vegetables) to add on touches of tangy-ness.

Soya Sauce Chicken (SGD$16.00) is half French poulet cooked with five spices, soya sauce and Chinese herbs- bringing out the best of East-meets-West in one single dish. Chicken was very tender and tasty because of the infusion of flavours, making this dish one of our favorites, easily.

Following that, Crab Meat "Hokkien Mee" (SGD$26.00), an "atas" (classy) version of a local classic, comprising springy linguine pasta, saccharine shellfish broth, blue swimmer crab, tiger prawns and crispy pork lard cubes.

Seafood Ciambotta (SGD$38.00) graced the table next,  luscious seafood broth stewed with Hamachi octopus, tiger prawns, Hokkaido sea scallops, mussels, potato cubes, zucchini, tomato and onion. A hearty combination of crustacean goodness that pleased the palate immensely; best served with some baguette to soak up the sweet broth.

Finally, Angus Beef Short Rib & Foie Gras (SGD$42.00), with moistened, tender braised Australian Angus beef short rubs, Royale chives, Burdock and buttery foie gras that melted in the mouth.

Beverages are at an all-time low starting from SGD$3.00 for a cup of Coffee or Hot Chocolate (yes, unbelievable that such prices are available for gastrobars, isn't it?). Their House Wine selection (ranging between SGD$6.00 - SGD$10.00) bear interesting names such as Delightful Sparkles, Refreshing White, Premium White, Elegant Red, Premium Red and Happy Sweet - each name giving a good idea of what the wine is all about.

There are also non-alcoholic grape juice aka "Children's Wine" for the non-alcoholic drinker. So yes, there is something for everyone here.

Overall dining experience at Wine and Chef was very enjoyable, with palatable dishes and good wine to cater to our exploratory nature. This place is definitely highly recommended.

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