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Friday, 17 November 2017

Dinner at Springleaf Prata @ The Rail Mall

396 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678048
Tel: 6493 2404 / 9062 6849

Having visited Springleaf Prata @ Thomson before (review here), I knew I must bring The Beau to try their prata, because he loves roti pratas. So here we were, at the lovely Rail Mall @ Bukit Timah, choosing what we wanted to eat in spacious, nicely decorated prata house.

The walls were faux bricks and the signboards were digital; beyond the ordering counter we could actually see the open kitchen via glass panels. We thought that the images moved too fast on the digital menu - before we could read the words properly they have been replaced by other images / pages.

Anyway, we managed to place our orders for a few dishes to share, and were happy to see the free-flow Chicken Curry and Fish Curry where customers could help themselves to.  They were placed over fire to be kept warm, and pretty spicy so we enjoyed them a lot.

We started with 2 Plain Pratas - they were crispy on the outside and flakey; very nice to eat, even on their own. With the curries mentioned above, the taste was enhanced of course.

Plaster Blaster was an interesting creation I wanted him to try - made up of plain pratas, Hillandaise sauce, ham slices, Eggs Benedict and spring onions. Sounds like your favourite American brunch ingredients? You got it.

Butter Chicken was smooth and tender; with creamy gravy that was very delightful upon the palate.  We put the gravy over our pratas and maggi goreng.

Next up, Maggi Goreng fried with eggs, tofu dices and beansprouts. I would have preferred this to be richer and spicier like some versions I have tried at other Indian restaurants; nonetheless it was still satisfying, me being a lover of instant noodles.

Overall, we enjoyed our fiery dinner, and would be likely to return since Rail Mall is near our residence.

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