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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Dinner at Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Changi Beach Club (Revisit)

2 Andover Road, level 2, Changi Beach Club, Singapore 509984
Tel: 6542 7720

Having visited Golden Beach Seafood Restaurant (review here) just on the first weekend in April and dining among the seas, The Beau and I found ourselves back here a week later again, this time with his family.

As his family enjoy seafood, and there were more of us, the items we ordered this time round were notably different.

Service was efficient enough given that it was a very spacious restaurant. We were allocated the exact same table - right before the alfresco area, and surrounded by huge glass panels overlooking the seas.

Started with Crispy Fried Fish Skin, a generous serving so all 8 of us got to enjoy it while waiting for food to be served.

Then we had the Wasabi Mayo Prawns - plump, bouncy prawns coated with wasabi mayonnaise - I felt that it would have been nicer if the wasabi was spicier; currently it was sweet.

Next, a plate of fresh Kai Lan Vegetables stir-fried with dried garlic to give it a hint of flavor.

Then the Peking Duck where they sliced the crispy skin in front of us, and arranged them delicately with cucumber slivers into egg sheets. The remaining flesh was being cut up and served so we could dig in the tender duck meat.

Following that, Spare Ribs, the same that we had the last time here - succulent and sweet, served with Onion Rings on the side.

Bamboo Clams were served next - juicy, silky and tasty, it was all we could do not to slurp up the almost slimy flesh cooked with chopped chilli and garlic and a savoury dark sauce. A small pile of vermicelli (dong fen) sat nestled on the longish shell, soaking up the sauce.

Salted Egg Crabs (SGD $60 per kilogram) meant 2 large fleshy crabs pranced on the plate, thickly coated with rich salted egg yolk sauce.

And finally, Black Pepper Crabs (SGD $60 per kilogram) - 2 large crabs robust with peppery kick of black pepper.

We spent SGD $374.00 for all food items for 7 adults and a kid, quite reasonable given that we had a fair bit of seafood. Everyone enjoyed the meal and ambience so I can see us returning for family gatherings.

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