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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

[Media Invite] Dinner at The Seasons (四季风光) @ Holland Village

275 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278992
Tel: 6463 6568

Located conveniently at Holland Village area is a cosy restaurant run by a young gentleman from Hainan, China, serving up healthy and surprisingly tasty Coconut Soup Steamboat as well as Japanese-style grilled food at none other than The Seasons.

Service crew was attentive and friendly so it added to the enjoyment of dining here. Ambience was cosy and ordering was done via tablets on the table.

We started with Purple Sweet Potato Cheese Balls (SGD$8.00) with a very appealing spherical form coated in deep purple; bursting open to fill the palate with sweetness and oozed melted cheese. This kind of set the standard for more mouth-watering food to come.

The Fried Squid (SGD$8.00) was crispy and umami, easy on the tongue but torturous on the mind (as one craves it for days afterwards).  It was not greasy at all which also scored points pretty well.

Then we moved on to the huge pot of pure Coconut Juice steamed as soup base, tossed with coconut flesh, wolf berries, red dates and tender chicken meat for extra flavouring. This was our Bamboo Fungus Coconut Chicken Pot (SGD$32.80). If we had any doubts about the broth at all, they dissipated the moment we tried the first sip- sweet, pleasing and light; reaping in all the health benefits of coconut such as hydration and electrolytes. Even the chicken used to cook with the soup retained its tenderness.

The tray of ingredients for us consisted Wagyu Beef Slices, Special Selection Pork Shoulder, Sliced Pork Belly, an assortment of Vegetables, Beancurd, Bamboo Pith, Chicken and Cheese Tofu. Meat was succulent and vegetables were fresh.

We also tried the Signature Laamei Rice (SGD$5.00) cooked with preserved (waxed) pork aka lup cheong and mushroom dices.  The result was fragrant and redolent of its sweet, earthly ingredients. This dish is usually served in a claypot.

For dessert, we had the Hainanese Coconut Rice (SGD$8.00) - soft, sweet glutinous rice served in coconut husks, embedded with coconut flesh, red dates and lotus seeds. This was special and heart-warming.

Drinks to conclude - there were Grapefruit Peach Tea (SGD$4.50), Salted Green Tea with Lime (SGD$4.50),  and Lime Peach Tea (SGD$4.50) for us.

Overall, I enjoyed the meal very much and look forward to telling my friends and family about this coconut soup steamboat - healthy and tasty totally. Thank you The Seasons for hosting us and thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite.

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