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Sunday, 22 October 2017

[Invited Tasting] Dinner at Montana Singapore @ PoMo (Revisit)

1 Selegie Road #02-25 PoMo, Singapore 188306
Tel: 6334 3137

The last time I visited Montana Singapore (review here), it was an open concept located at level 1 with signature dishes such as flavoured waffles, savoury waffles and burgers. Food was good, therefore I was honoured to be invited for a tasting session here.

They have now moved up to level 2,  much more spacious and the decor more quaint, with a hipster-meets-chic feel. Menu has been revamped to factor many more items other than waffles and burgers; and signature favorites have been further enhanced.

We started with Sweet Potato Fries with Masala Seasoning (SGD$11.00), crispy edged with soft, sweet interior tipped with masala's saltish flavouring for a good contrast. Usually not a fan of sweet potato, I found myself reaching for  more of these.

Then we had the Whitebait with Fivespice Seasoning (SGD$11.00) - crispy in texture, with a burst of flavours. It strokes the appetite pretty well, especially if paired with beer.

Moving on, Fried Chicken Wings with Garlic Mirim Sauce (SGD$12.00) - crackling buttermilk batter on the exterior. tender on the inside; one of those dishes that delight the teeth very much.

Following that, something from the All Day Breakfast menu - Truffle Egg Rosti (SGD$19.00). I liked this dish because all my favorite items convene upon one plate - poached eggs, truffle hollandaise, waffled potato rosti and parma ham. Dish was a little salty overall; and I thought the waffled potato rosti could be just a little tad crispier. Other than that - it pretty much makes for a happy meal.

Also from the breakfast menu, we had Baked Salmon with Poached Eggs (SGD$11.00) - beautiful flavours concocted into one single delicious dish - succulent salmon with yuzu hollandaise for that mild zesty touch; while creamy yolk of the poached eggs blanket baked cous-cous and shoyu mushrooms to sweeten them up.     

Next up, their Signature Mac & Cheese Waffle (SGD$15.00) - fresh, crispy buttermilk waffle with jalapeno, truffle oil, and mozarella cheese. Light in flavour but aromatic of earthly goodness from the truffle oil, this waffle continues to be unique and is definitely worth a try.

I relished the Spicy Bacon Pasta (SGD$17.00)  - springy linguine tossed with chili, ginger paste, sauteed bacon and crisp bacon bite. The fiery dish pleased the palate immensely and was well-greased so every pasta strand felt smooth upon entry.

Cold Crab Truffle Pasta (SGD$21.00) - angel hair pasta served chilled, enlivened by crunchy kombu (seaweed) and sweet pieces of crab meat. This dish is light in flavour but utterly satisfying at the same time.

Finally, desserts came! We started with Bianco (SGD$13.00) which simply means "white".  Made up of Horlicks Cheesecake, orange gel and passionfruit mousse, this white beauty brought us back down memory lane when Horlicks was a staple for breakfast, many years back. Cheesecake was satin-textured; the malty fragrance not lost on us at all. Orange gel and passionfruit mousse added citrusy notes to shake up the creamy notes; overall verdict was very satisfying.

Last but not least, what won my heart visually and tastefully was Rosso (SGD$13.00) - spun sugar nest encircling rich chocolate brownie and macerated berries; with Irish Whiskey sauce served on the side to douse over the dessert with. The result was darkly enticing, like a seduction of the palate; I would order this again..

Beverages-wise, besides the usual coffee and tea variations, Montana has also jumped onto the healthy bandwagon of coconut-creations, serving up Coconut Cold Brew and V60 Chocolate (SGD$6.80); we tried the latter, and it is first of its kind in Singapore. Cacao nibs are brewed in coconut water to give that light, refreshing taste, and comes in 3 flavours namely Original, Mint and Smoky.

Overall dining experience at Montana Singapore is fabulous with attentive service crew ensuring comfort at all times. On average, expect to spend around SGD$30 per person for a delicious meal coupled with drinks. Thank you Montana Singapore for hosting us, and thank you Kris for extending the invite!

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