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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dinner at Beast and Butterflies @ M Social Hotel (Revisit)

90 Robertson Quay, Level 1, The M Social Hotel, Singapore 238259
Tel: 6657 0018

My first visit to Beast and Butterflies (review here) left a good impression, therefore I had been wanting to return. What better time than now, a simple celebratory meal with The Beau?

Ambience was the same, a beautiful, mystifying combination of eclectic and futuristic - think colorful lava lamps, overhead lamps with loving images, ipads adorning walls with haunting glow and yes, glimmery benches in another section. All that, coupled with lampshade and books.

Service was ultra personable - the gleam of the crew's smiles only added to the stunning ambience. Food items were as I remembered them a year ago - Western Asian fusion dishes.

We started with Duck Crispies (SGD$) - deep fried duck rilette dumplings that all but crumbled blissfully before the interior melted lusciously upon the tongue.

Ham Hock (SGD$ for half / SGD$ for whole) - was crackling Pork Knuckle served with Asian sauerkraut and spicy chilli dip.

Lobster Porridge (SGD$35.00) with abalone slices was as good as I remembered it to be- saccharine broth being the best feature.

Last but not least, Yam Brulee (SGD $10.00), thick creamy taro paste aka "Orh Nee" beneath crusty caramel sugar topcoat, a beautiful rendition of how east meets west.

Finally, we had the extinct version of a stunning Aquarium Cocktail (SGD $50.00)- blue curacao and all, except that the colorful jelly mimicking sea coral and fish are no more. It was a gigantic drink and we had fun finishing it throughout the meal.

It was yet another lovely dining experience here, with scrumptious food and excellent service all around. He gave it thumbs up too.


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