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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Review on Luxiere Eye Mask from SleepWiz [Sponsored]

My lifestyle lately has been more hectic than usual, piped in with lots of stress - happy stress, bad stress, they are still all stress.  As such, I find that my sleeping habits have changed. While I used to sleep throughout the night the moment my head hit the pillows (which I accredited to my exhaustion and comfortable pillow), I find myself waking up in the middle of the nights and sleep became fitful.

After I tried out so many methods that did not work - such as taking chamomile and / or rose teas before bed, playing soothing music, meditation, aromatherapy and counting sheep etc - SleepWiz came to the rescue.

Now SleepWiz is a brand that totally recognizes the risks and health issues that come with sleep deprivation, and they care.  Their Luxiere Eye Masks offer an awesome solution to attaining quality sleep without the use of chemicals, pills or side effects. The 100% silk woven eye masks do wonders in the following ways:
  • Impenetrable to light with their DreamWeave technology
  • Creating perfect nighttime conditions so that the body can enjoy restorative sleep even during the day
  • Boosting melatonin levels naturally to bring about deeper, more efficient sleep
  • Extra wide design to prevent light from entering through the edges
  • Adjustable dual straps to hold the eye mask firmly in place and not fall off during sleep
  • Coolly comfortable and does not exert pressure onto the eyes / temples (adjust your straps correctly)
  • Extremely light, smooth and soft texture
  • Promotes blood circulation and relaxes facial muscle for better sleep
  • Silk protects our skin by retaining the natural oils and moisture while allowing it to breathe

Yes, that is a lot of benefits in a seemingly simple pair of Eye Masks, and on top of that, SleepWiz offers complimentary delivery in Singapore, as well as 3 months' warranty.

If you are thinking that such a marvellous product would be very expensive (like how I had thought!), well, you'll be thrilled to learn that the Luxiere Eye Masks cost a mere SGD$14.90 each, and they are divided into masks for "Side Sleepers" and "Back Sleepers".

Because of these eye masks, I now enjoy sound, uninterrupted sleep from night till morning, and it makes me enjoy my nightly slumber so much more. I also look forward to bringing them on my upcoming overseas trips. Thank you SleepWiz for these fascinating Luxiere Eye Masks and the cutting edge technology behind it - I could never look at eye masks the same way again!


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