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Sunday, 2 July 2017

[Media Invite] Dinner at Teppan Bar Q at Robertson Quay

11 Unity Street #01-21 / 22 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995
Tel: 6235 0629

Teppan Bar Q is a takata-style teppanyaki joint, serving up quality Japanese food with a Spanish influence. It is also owned by the team behind Torikin Restaurant @ Bukit Timah area. One can expect to find a variety of food items here such as Teppan tapas, Hakata tonpei yaki and teppanyaki cook-in-front-of-you seafood / meat dishes.

Though small, the restaurant's contemporary settings and personable service crew draw crowds like a magnet. I was honoured attend this media tasting with representatives from Hungrygowhere as well as some other familiar reviewers / food-bloggers, and we were fortunate that the Japanese owner Kyota Ishida was in town and was preparing some of the food dishes himself!

We started with Squid with Pesto (SGD $12.00) - deliciously grilled squid with olives, tossed into creamy, rich pesto sauce for a light "grassy" taste. It was a good beginning.

Tonpei Yaki (SGD $17.00) is a must-have Osaka appetiser - a fluffy omelette tantalizing the tongue with added pork slices, cabbage, and drizzled with Okonomi sauce and homemade plum-infused soy mayonnaise.

Then we tried the Seafood Teppanyaki (SGD $54.00) comprising Tiger Prawns with Balsamic Sauce, Hokkaido Scallops and Salmon Teriyaki. My favorite were the plump, juicy Hokkaido Scallops that sprang to life in the palate.

Next, 200grams of Sirloin Steak Teppanyaki (SGD $30.00) grilled to a beautiful melty tenderness with hints of smokiness hovering. The dish is served with wasabi, fried garlic pieces and homemade sauces on the side.

Miso Soup (SGD $3.00) was served as well, a cloudy concoction with generous pieces of seaweed.

Finally, we concluded with Garlic Rice (SGD $6.00 per person) tossed with some eggs and spring onion, exuding fragrant aroma that spoke of strong fire, supple wok's breath and brilliant culinary skills.

The overall dining experience here was lovely, opening up our palates to some interesting dishes. Thank you Teppan Bar Q for hosting and Hungrygowhere for the invite!


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