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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Afternoon Tea at Boyle's Coffee @ Bukit Timah Plaza

1 Jalan Anak Bukit, L1-CS1 (outside), Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore 588996
Tel: none supplied
Website: http://en.boylescoffee.com

Boyle's Coffee is under UTB Coffee, known for its world-class quality water drip coffee, slowly gaining traction around the world. We visited their outlet at Bukit Timah Plaza today, a small glasshouse kiosk situated outside level one (outside DBS bank).

The interior is small but tastefully decorated by their pretty cakes, dreamy swirls of macaroons and vases of faux flowers mainly in purple and fuchsia tones. Service is friendly and personable, complete with lots of smiles and sound recommendations. Menus comprise light bites such as sandwiches, an assortment of cakes and lots of coffee (main categories being the Dutch Coffee series, Nitro Coffee series, Espresso series and Special Origins series).

We started with some of those huge and pretty Macarons (SGD$2.70 each) in swirls of pastel colors. The pink ones are Strawberry Cream flavoured; sweet with strawberry aroma but not cloying. The ones with blue swirls contain Elderflower, and were very easy on the palate. Finally, the ones that look like sunset in their cheery orange and yellow hues - contain yuzu, a refreshing touch of zesty delight within the sweetness.

The Dutch Coffee looked very pretty and almost crystalline in their clarity. The feedback was that the "mild" selection was very light, that perhaps the "original" one might have boosted a more prominent flavour.

Dutch Flag White (SGD$6.50) was an abstract art in itself, punctuated by a single large white dot in the middle, looking formal yet enigmatic in its simple elegance.

The Nitro Iced Coffee (SGD$8.00) was darkly beautiful, looking like a tall glass of Stout beer; flavour was laced with bitterness as well, with a smooth finish.

My Yuzu Latte (SGD$6.50) came with pretty latte art, and citrusy notes to boost, a little like drinking coffee with sour notes, only nicer. At the bottom of the coffee were yuzu peel, which offered me a good bite and made me decide that I liked my beverage a lot more.

Overall afternoon tea experience here at Boyle's Coffee was pretty stellar, with good vibes and coffee forming the bases of a quality chillout session. If I had stomach for more, I would have tried one of their delectable looking cakes (probably cheesecake or rainbow cake) - next time, probably.


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