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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Review on Mary Kay's Soothing Indulge Eye Gel [Sponsored]

Recently I noticed that my eye bags were getting very obvious, and the irony is that I have begun sleeping an hour earlier every night. I used to sleep at 2.00am every night, but the eye bags had not shown. Recently, I am in bed by 1.00am, but the eye bags are deeper, and that concerns me immensely.

Photo with prominent eye bags - before using the MK eye cream

I asked around, and was introduced to Mary Kay's Indulge Soothing Eye Gel by a friend. It contains botanical extract (namely green tea extract, cucumber extract and dog rose fruit extract) which are supposed to tone, firm and reduce puffiness around the sensitive eye area.

The gel comes in an elegant glass tub so that its beautiful aqua color could be seen easily, giving off soothing vibes just like its properties do. The gel itself is lightweight and cool to the touch; one applies it to the under-brow and under-eye areas gently. The eyes may feel a slight stinging sensation, but it is passing and hardly detectable. Coolness settles in thereafter, hydrating the eyes and the eyes appear brighter.

Besides hydrating and firming up the eye area, the soothing eye gel also refreshes fatigue appearance, increase skin moisturization, is suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologically-tested for allergants, and is fragrance-free.

After using Mary Kay's eye cream, the appearance of eye bags are significantly reduced, even when I smile

Plus, the price of this wonderful eye gel is incredible as well. For more information or samples, please feel free to contact Joanna via her Facebook page here.

I also cannot wait to break into my other Mary Kay beauty products, including the beautiful Ultimate Cream.

Thank you Joanna and Mary Kay for the skin-beneficial products.

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