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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Leather Care Products by The ShoeTree Project [Sponsored]

Photosource: https://shoetree.sg/

Brand: The ShoeTree Project
Website: https://shoetreeproject.com/sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShoeTree.Singapore

Taking care of leather goods can be expensive and one tends to spend a lot of efforts to maintain them in prime condition, ensure that there are no scratches or scuff, and polish them to look sparkly new. Good leather goods are often priced on the steeper end themselves, and are made to last for a long time. With good care and protection, comes the assurance that we would still be able to use our favorite leather goods for many years to come.

ShoeTree seeks to change the past tradition of expensive leather care stores of the past, with physical locations in the heart of Singapore; instead, they deliver the shoe-care products and leather-care products right to your doorstep so you can care for your leather-ware easily, in the convenience of your abode.

On their website, one finds a good variety of quality shoe-care products, such as the Shoe Tree itself. A shoe tree is a tool shaped like a foot, inserted into leather footwear to preserve its shape and prevent creases, thus prolonging the life of the shoe.  The shoe tree sold by ShoeTree Singapore is made of American red cedar heartwood and has 12 sizes to choose from.

But, besides its namesake, there are other marvellous products such as the Varnished Japanese Oakwood Shoe Horn and 100% Horse Hair Shoe Brush, Saphir Sole Guard and a range of shoe polishes.

I got hold of one of the 100% Horse Hair Shoe Brush (SGD$21.90). Then I used one of The Beau's old shoes to experiment - it is a single scuffed black leather shoe. I dusted the front of the shoe gingerly with the horse hair shoe brush, cleaning the dirt effectively and it facilitates the polish later very well, enhancing the quality of the shine.

Other qualities of this Shoe Brush include:
  • the use of 100% horsetail hair which is stiff enough to work polish yet delicate on fine leather; it also resists breakage
  • has densely and uniformly-placed bristles that clean faster and buffs polish into an even shine
  • it is designed ergonomically with curve and finger-hold for superior usability
  • handcrafted from the highly durable and water-resistant Schima wood used in construction of boat!

Moving on, I also decided to try out my Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (SGD$28.00) for 75ml tub. Bear in mind that this is not merely meant for leather shoes - but is suitable for use on leather couches and sofas, leather bags, leather wallets, according to the store manager Mervin.

I dabbed a little of the smooth, creamy conditioner (made of mink oil, lanolin and beeswax) onto my slightly worn-out Gucci leather bag, polished gently, and ended up with a spick and span shiny tote that was very soft to the touch.

The benefits of the Saphir Medaille d'Or Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner includes:
  • prevents cracks by keeping leather supple and moisturized, thus prolonging the life
  • dual action cleaner and conditioner unclogs pores for deeper penetration into leather
  • Mink oil base rejuvenates leather thoroughly and completely
  • superior spread for maximum efficiency
  • wax gives a soft matte finish
  • suitable for smooth calfskin, crocodile, alligator, ostrich and cordovan
  • awarded the Medaille d'Or (gold) medal in Paris, 1925

Wait no more - go online at The ShoeTree Project now to get your leather care products, earn loyalty points and enjoy free shipping in Singapore. These items do make thoughtful gifts for upcoming Father's Day as well, don't you think?

Quote "Elle" to enjoy 10% discount off leather-care products today!

Thank you ShoeTree Singapore for the practical and quality products, as well as re-inventing the trend of leather / shoe care.

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