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Monday, 15 May 2017

[Invited Tasting] Gila Durian High Tea Set by The Peranakan @ Orchard Hotel

442 Orchard Road #02-01 Claymore Connect, Orchard Hotel, Singapore 238879
Tel: 6262 4428

Durian lovers (or, strangely, as I have met - non durian lovers but those who love durian desserts) alert. Here's some stunning indulgence by The Peranakan to keep your cravings satiated, a tea set consisting of creative desserts involving aromatic durian.

Gila Durian Set (SGD $38.00 per pax; minimum 2 to go), including free flow Pandan or Lemongrass tea, consists of 7 courses in all, made with your favorite Malaysia Kampung durian, D24 durian and Maoshan Wang durian.

We started with Toasties with Durian Puree, fluffy with a crunchy edge and piled lusciously with a dollop of creamy durian puree.

Next up, D24 Durian Pengat, rich and velvety so it melts in the tongue and flows through the body sweetly.

Then it was Pandan Chiffon Cake with D24 snd Kampung Durian Puree. The Pandan Chiffon was cottony and light on the palate, a beautiful contrast to the dash of moist, creamy puree.

This was followed by the Intermezzo of the day - Crispy Fried Fish Skin with durian. The crackling, savoury snack paced the palate for more sweet treats to come.

Pulot Enti D24 comprised a sticky rice stained dark blue with pea flower and a nice scoop of fragrant durian cream.

Moving on, Fragrant Rice with Maoshan Wang Durian - cunningly contrasting the robust flavor with a plainer accompaniment, savoured delicately.

Finally, D24 Durian Chendol, a piquant touch to a traditional dessert complete with brown sugar and green jelly strips, chillingly pleasant.

Might be a little overwhelming, but the creations were perfections in small portions; satisfying but not cloying.

Thank you Chef Raymond for the sweet treat.

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