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Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Future is Female Conference by The New Savvy [Sponsored]

2 Shenton Way, Auditorium Level 2, SGX Centre 1, Singapore 068804
Date: 8 April 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 8.30am to 7.00pm
Ticket Price: SGD$250.00 per pax

Recently I was honoured to be invited for The Future is Female Conference organized by The New Savvy - an educational and enriching female-empowering seminar that introduces us to the world of finance, demystifying investments for us. While the gist was centered around finances and money management, there were also insightful talks by successful women entrepreneurs who talked about their own experiences and issues faced, lending their expertise to other budding female entrepreneurs in the audience.

Goodie Bags with magazines and lots of vouchers were given to us, and some contests livened up the conference. Introduction by The New Savvy crew kick-started the long day ahead, and there were 2 tea breaks and a lunch session in between, that would penetrate the conference at scheduled intervals.

From 9.00am to 9.45am, the panelists talked about "Investing 101: Starting Your Investments" - and the panel consisted of Andy Lim (JL Family Office), Dr. Koh Noi Keng (Centre for Financial Literacy), Cedric Chehab (Asia Research) and Keir Veskivali (Smartly).

At 9.45am lasting till 10.30am, the panelists shared on "In the Driver's Seat: How to Drive Your Way Toward Success" - the panel comprised Tjin Lee (Mercury Marketing & Communications), Tamara Singh (GIC), Choo Ling Er (Singapore's Ironman Female) and Kee Siew Poh (Finexis Advisory).

After a short break, the panel moved on to talk about "Investing in Equities", by panellists Nels Friets (Tryb Capital), Bernard Lim (Columbua Threadneedle Investments, Jason Low (DBS Bank), Lynn Gaspar (SGX) and Gillian Kwek (Fidelity International).

From 11.30am to 12.15pm, we heard about "How to Keep Your Personal Brand Authentic in the Digital World", and the panel was made up of Rachel Lim (Love Bonito), Khoo Yin (FleishmanHillard), Pauline Ng (Porcelain the Face Spa) and Carol Chen (Covetella).

The next 45 minutes brought us through "What You Need to Know as a First-time Investor" by Puah Soon Lim, trainer at SGX Academy.

This was followed by lunch break, and then "How We Did It: Investment Success Stories", made up of panelists Huang Shao-Ning (JobsCentral), Ted Fang (Tera Sotheby's International Realty), Shannon Kalayanamitr (Orami) as well as Yap Kwong Weng (Leap).

Moving on, the topic discussed was "Real Estate and Reits: Diversifying Long-term Investments Portfolios", panelled by David Kuo (The Mortley Fool), Roy Ling (SGX Academy), Vivien Lim (Philip Capital Investment) and Veiverne Yuen (tryb Capital).

"How Women Thrive in Investing" was the next segment, and we heard from Junie Foo (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi), Varun Mittal (Ernst & Young), Mouna Aouri (Woomentum), and Ketki Sen (Spinta Global Accelerator).

A short 15 minute break followed, after which we watched panellists Violet Lim (Lunch Actually), Jenny Tay (Direct Funeral Services), Benjamin Loh (public speaker at TEDx) and Lionel Yeo (Cheerfulegg) share their views on "A Look at How Millennials View Investing, Marriage and Housing".

Then it was a topic on "Why Insurance is a Good Investment for Yourself", fronted by Vivianna Low (NTUC Income), Bryan Low (Citi Nie), Timothy Ho (Dollars & Sense) and Philipp Kristian.

Finally, "Supercharging Your Career: How to Achieve Big Things Quickly and Efficiently"- panelled by David Sanderson (Nugit), Tan Yee Ning (United Security Solutions), Kexin Lim (PwC Singapore) and Markus Gnirck (tryb Capital).

I missed the networking and wine session at 7.00pm, but believe that would have been great fun and very meaningful - thankfully I had already made friends with some other attendees during the tea breaks and lunch intermissions. If I had attended with any shard of skepticism and curiosity, I stepped out more knowledgeable, confident, and clear about where I could start looking around for investments.

Thank you The New Savvy for the awesome enrichment, and AsiaOne for the experience.


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