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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lunch at MaguroDonya @ Suntec City (Revisit)

3 Temasek Boulevard @#03-314 Suntec City Mall North Wing (Sky Garden), Singapore 038983
Tel: 6684 5054

Having visited MaguroDonya Japanese Restaurant over a year ago (review here), the vivid taste of their palatable Bluefin tuna is still remembered very fondly till now, therefore I thought that a revisit was due.  By the way, they have now opened a new outlet at 7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre and the sister restaurant is simply known as Kuro Maguro.

To recap, MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou serves fresh Japanese tuna and seafood, flown 3 times a week directly from Misaki Port, Japan. As a tuna wholesaler, the Singapore MaguroDonya manages the entire process directly from the sea or farmers' hands to the table. That way, freshness of seafood is enjoyed at the most affordable prices and quality.

Service (for ordering and waiting time for food) was a little slow during lunch time, but the girls tried their best to clear finished plates and refill green tea. I had a hard time deciding what to eat, since this was a solo dining session during lunchtime, and I so dearly wanted to eat the "warship / battleship".

Here it is - Otoro Hikkaki Gunkan (SGD$12.00) - extra fatty minced tuna, and a huge chunk of it, piled on top of fragrant de-husked Japanese rice wrapped with sushi. I recollect that the best way to eat this was to stuff lots of wasabi into the mound of minced tuna, so that when we bit into it, flavour and sensation would be robust. I did exactly that this time round again, basking in the smooth, succulent deliciousness of fatty tuna that melted in the mouth luxuriously. I should've ordered two of these, really.

Moving on, Rainbow Sushi Roll (SGD$10.00 for half roll / SGD$18.00 for full roll). I was taking a gamble here because I know that most sushi rolls are a little too moistened and messy because of all the ingredients folded into one and cut. This one however, was very... neat, shall I say? Solid ingredients - shrimp, tuna, sashimi, avocado and Japanese rice beautifully coiled, with some sushi containing more than one type of seafood. The result was colourful and utterly tasty, with minimal "fall-offs" of ingredients.

After this meal, I promise to never leave a one-year gap again. I would love to be back more often for palatable, fresh seafood so tasty, they could be eaten on their own even without dips or condiments.

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