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Friday, 24 March 2017

Lunch at Joie by Dozo Restaurant @ Orchard Central {Revisit]

181 Orchard Road #12-01 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Tel: 6838 6966
Having visited Joie by Dozo (review here) before, immensely impressed by their beautiful dishes and elegant dining concept, as well as luxurious settings, I decided to revisit. Mr. Huang was as hospitable and personable as ever, ensuring that diners enjoy their dining here at Joie. Both the dimly-lit, glossy interior and tranquil exterior settings are breath-taking, and overall service was impeccable.

There were minor changes to the menu over the course of these 2 years, but most of them items were still consistent.  Lunch consists of 6 courses and is priced at SGD$38.00 whereas dinner consists of 7 courses and is priced at SGD$68.00.

We started with a zesty, palate-refreshing beverages with citrusy flavours, served in pretty tubular glassware, cooled by a vase of ice and stunning floral decorations. This paved the palate for more exciting treats to come.



A dainty platter of starters ensued, comprising of a most delectable Raspberry Sphere that filled with mouth with tarty delight, Carrot Roll made in uncanny resemblance to salmon sashimi in terms of looks, texture and taste, as well as Wasabi Cracker which crunched merrily between the molars.

For Side Dish, we both decided to go for Baby Root Vegetables Garden - made up of tasty su vie baby root vegetables on a soft bed of truffle mash potato. Some colorful and delicious fruit jelly plated the dish prettily and added flavours.

Moving on, we had Soups. The Pumpkin Veloute with Tomato Ciabatta was creamy, luscious and slid down the tongue smoothly. Loved how the "soup bowl" resembled a large halved egg white, so the whole presentation resembled a giant "halved salted egg" viewed from the top.

The Infusion of Cepes and Truffle broth was rich, made up of cepes mushroom and winter truffle oil and black truffles, so that it was robust, flavorful and aromatic.

Came the Cold Dish, were the Vegetable Sashimi on Ice with Seagrapes Shooter Glass was served - coconut, konjac, mountain yam (huai san), aloe vera sashimi and carrot sashimi were arranged beautiful like a snow mountain filled with colourful slices of raw vegetarian "seafood".

Next, onto the Mains, where we enjoyed the Duo Ravioli Platter - stunning pumpkin and spinach ravioli shaped like open tulips, with fragrant flower emulsion and cream sauce. A mouth-watering dish, from the silken ravioli pockets to the creamy fillings within.

Grilled Summer Mushroom Steak on "Pu-Ye" Hot Stone - the first dish that drew my attention to Joie and made me fall in love - was as good as ever. A bed of colored, tiny hot lava pebbles nestled giant dried leave, topped with succulent monkey-head mushroom grilled with subtle hints of smokiness. Even the tiny fan of branches lying across the mushroom steak could be eaten - made up of deep fried flour sticks.

We finally tried Desserts next. Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream was moistened, decadent, and indulgent, surrounding the palate with melted chocolate gold whilst the eyes feasted upon the gorgeous plating.

Last but not least, Red Wine Poached Pear with Lime Sorbet -skilfully sliced so that the pear still looked whole and standing firm on the plate, wearing its leaf crown proudly. Not sure though, why it was yellow in hue and not deep red like that last time I ate here, but the wine infusion was lovely, lending a darker flavour to the sweet juiciness of the pear slices. The lime sorbet was a worthy accompaniment with its zesty tone.

Colorful tea concluded the extremely delightful meal. Hawaiian Blue was exactly that - capturing the very essence of the sea's aque hue. It rasted utterly refreshing, so drinkers could bask in its blueberry-lychee concoctiton.

My Hot Roselle Rhythm Tea had a striking scarlet hue, and was an explosion of flavours all in a glass pot - citrus peels, herbs and roselle flowers, beneficial and soothing.

Overall, we immensely enjoyed our dining experience here at Joie by Dozo once again, utterly posh dining on a good variety of creative, beautiful dishes made of finest ingredients and provides top-notch service.  Will be back, and glad to recommend more friends to try them out too.

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