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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lunch at Greendot Vegetarian Bistro @ Bugis Junction

80 Middle Road #01-71 / 72 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188966
Tel: 6904 4842

Having visited Greendot Vegetarian Restaurant before (review here), I had returned quite a few times to their Paya Lebar and Raffles Place outlets for more of their delectable, nutritious and creative meals.

I was glad to see an outlet in Bugis Junction area, and decided to bring some friends to try. As usual, the usual reactions were somewhat sceptical on how "non-meat" meals could possibly be "very tasty". I was determined to prove them wrong here at Greendot.

A brief introduction again - founded by the co-founders of Tea Dot Café which has closed all their chain outlets in Singapore, Greendot focuses on eating green, eating healthy. The meals are created to give pleasure to the palate in the form of good taste with textures close to the real meat / seafood, as well as fresh, quality ingredients. Nutrients are not lost as well, since the restaurant works closely with nutritionists in their creation and preparation of food items.

That said, this is one of my all-time favorites, the Laksa (SGD$7.90), with its thick, creamy and spicy broth filled with springy thick vermicelli. The ingredients comprised mock prawns and sotong balls - both of which had excellent textures and flavours that left Zachery amazed.

The Herbal Angelica Noodles (SGD$7.90) tugged at the heartstrings as well, a piping hot bowl of bouncy noodles soaked in clear herbal broth sapid of angelica herb's aroma. The dried tofu (taupok) soaked up the herbal soup and squirted it into the mouth deliciously, and the mock chicken came apart in shreds easily just like how tender chicken flesh does.

Tom Yum Noodles (SGD$6.90) was not as robust as its laksa counterpart, but the tangy zest was still evident in its broth. Ingredients were generous, including dried tofu (taupok), mushrooms, carrot cubes, mock chicken, mock prawns and sotong balls, etc - making for a filling and fulfilling meal.

Finally, Bento Sets, where one could choose from 3 different types of rice and a variety of mouth-watering dishes to go along.

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