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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Lunch at The Daily Cut at Tanjong Pagar

7 Wallich Street #b2-16 Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore 078884
Tel: 6386 6160

The Daily Cut is another salad bar in Singapore, serving fresh greens with delicious grilled meat / fish of choice. It's flagship outlet is at One Raffles Place's basement, always filled with queues of eager diners waiting to pick and choose their customized salads.   There are basically 4 sizes to The Daily Cut's salads - Petite (SGD$9.00), Regular (SGD$12.00), Large (SGD$15.00) and X-Large (SGD$18.00).

I chose the Romaine Lettuce Base, with beef, cherry tomatoes, cheese, almond flakes and asparagus. I also chose Yuzu sauce but it wasn't too zesty. The beef was a little tough for our liking, and the asparagus so overcooked it took me a long while to realize it was asparagus (I wondered if it was boiled lady's fingers).

The Romaine Lettuce base with Grilled Salmon, asparagus, edamame and quinoa - fared slightly better. Salmon was still a little dry, but ingredients were fresh.

I still don't know how to appreciate The Daily Cut after 2 tries, sadly. I find their salads seem more like a random toss of ingredients together without much coordination, and tastes really average - good for a quick fix but I won't queue 15 minutes for it.

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