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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Dinner at Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant @ AXA Tower

8 Shenton Way #01-17 / 20 AXA Tower, Singapore 068811
Tel: 6883 0525

After my first visit to Kotobuki @ Raffles Place (review here), I have revisited several times, and also at their Shenton Way outlet at AXA Tower.

Service crew at AXA Tower is very personable and polite. When we reached, the wait staff and chefs enthusiastically greeted and explained the daily specials / promotion to us, and would check if everything was good throughout the meal. When we left, staff greeted goodbye and goodnight with smiles, including the washer auntie (nope, we didnt overstay our welcome nor were we the last customers).

This time, meal started with Yuzu Sunrise Cocktail (SGD$10.00) - sake with dash of yuzu. I loved the refreshing and citrusy goodness of this drink. One of us wanted to try their Mojito (SGD$10.00) made with sake, lime juice and mint leaves but unfortunately this beverage was not available.

Appetiser of choice was Kaki Fry (SGD$12.00) aka deep-fried Oysters, battered thickly with flour coating that crackled apart to reveal tasty, plump oysters within.

Sashimi Don (SGD$24.00) was a must, comprising fresh slices of 5 to 6 types of raw fish, each one slice and succulent,  neatly arranged on top of Japanese rice.

Una Jyu (SGD$23.00) aka Unagi with Rice set was made up of exquisite rice box filled with fragrant Japanese rice and moistened, tender and umami grilled river eel.

Daily Special - Teriyaki Chicken Set (SGD$18.00) changes on a daily basis, and is available at night even though it is primarily a lunch item. This consists of moistened grilled chicken cubes with teriyaki sauce and vegetables, making for a nutritious and delicious meal.

Tonkotsu Ramen (SGD$15.00) - pork bone based broth with springy ramen, succulent chashu (pork) and half a flavored egg, tasty and heart-warming, the perfect meal for cool weather or a light lunch.

Finally, Salmon Don (SGD$24.00) - Japanese rice bowl with fresh salmon sashimi and salmon roe. Soft, moist and springy raw salmon slices were ever so saccharine, making for a remarkable dinner.

Overall, I enjoyed Kotobuki and look forward to be back again, for their quality and delectable food at reasonable prices.

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