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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dinner at Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant @ Toa Payoh [Sponsored]

Ichiban Boshi (review here) has been around for many years, beating competitors of its league who started about the same time together. It is under the RE&S Group which also owns some other fabulous Japanese restaurants / dining concepts that have been around for a long time, such as Kushibo, Kuriya, etc.

Standard of quality has always been consistent, and recently I learned that one of the secrets to its success is their impeccable customer service. If there is someone who knows how to treat their customer right, never question their customer when their staff was at fault / negligent, and soothe ruffled feathers, I think Ichiban Boshi comes on top.

Anyway, the Mom and I like their food so much, that even when I visited her over the weekend, I bought her favorite Katsu Curry Rice (SGD $12.90) for her - golden pieces of crackling, deep fried battered chicken and an aromatic Japanese rice laced with sweetness, over chewy Japanese pearl rice. For takeout (delivery is available on Foodpanda if you haven't time to dine in or pick up the food yourself), the curry and rice with chicken cutlet are thoughtfully separated into 2 containers, of course.

Ichiban Don (SGD $14.90) consists of generous, thick-cut slices of fresh, succulent raw salmon (sashimi) draped onto Japanese pearl rice and garnished with fresh-cut chili padi as well as spring onions. One of the items I always order from here over the years, and never been disappointed once.

Finally, desserts time despite our fullness. Who could resist Ichiban's Cheesecake? Made with fresh Hokkaido milk, the densely sponge cake melted easily on the tongue, spreading beautiful cheesy notes across our palate. It was not too rich nor sweet, making it easy to eat on its own or paired with wine, fruits, etc.

Thank you Ichiban Boshi! Thank you Tom and Marissa!

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