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Monday, 13 March 2017

Dinner and Drinks at Brauhaus @ United Square (Revisit)

101 Thomson Road #B113 / 14 United Square, Singapore 307591
Tel: 6250 3116 
Since Brauhaus is a favorite haunt for one of my closer buddies, we decided to celebrate his birthday here this year. See review here for what we'd enjoyed over the last visit (okay, he frequents here a lot more often than us over the years).

So again I reiterate, Brauhaus has more than 25 years' of history serving up many, many beers from all around the world, a good live band as well as interesting menu consisting of Western and Asian dishes, including some exotic ones such as Ostrich, Quail, Crocodile and Rabbit Stew, etc. The owner Michael and his wife do mingle with the diners warmly as well, ensuring that we are having a good time in this homely, friendly bistro bar / restaurant.

We chose to sit outdoors again, even though indoors is cooler and more beautiful - I prefer the fountain backdrop for alfresco seating, and so that we could catch up without the din of the live band indoors.

This time round, I started the Floris Honey Beer (SGD$13.50) - I'd tried the berries, mango and chocolate flavours before, and liked every single one of them. The thing about Floris is that the beer is light and sweet; this Honey flavour one even bears the distinct aroma of honey's sweetness.

*Edwin had his usual Lapin Kulta Beer (SGD$13.50), a beer which he enjoys immensely, and claims can only be found here.

Afterwards, he moved on to Hite Beer (SGD$12.00) and I went for glasses of Red Wine (SGD$10.00 / SGD$12.00) over the course of dinner here.

Food-wise, we started with Escargots (SGD$10.00) - 2 servings, mind you, simply because it was delicious. Unlike the French's baked version, this was prepared simply without any additional ingredient other than light condiments, allowing us to enjoy the natural flavour of these garden snails.

We wanted Ostrich Fillet for one of the mains but unfortunately it was not available. Hence, *Edwin opted for Salmon Steak (SGD$19.50). The generous grilled salmon steak was juicy, moistened and tender, served with a bed of salad and French Fries.

I went for Crocodile Schnitzel (SGD$35.00) - breaded fillet of crocodile, served with a bed of salad and French Fries. While the crocodile schnitzel was succulent instead of tough (I'd tried homemade crocodile soup before and the flesh was rough), I was hoping that it would be crispy but it was soft; I also didn't like the tiny pickled dices that were slathered over the schnitzel, giving it a sweet taste.

Overall, we still enjoyed chilling out here very much, and this would undoubtedly continue to be hangouts whenever friends wish to have international beers or exotic dishes in comfortable settings.

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