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Friday, 3 March 2017

Chilling Out at Good Luck Beer House @ Bugis Junction

9 Haji Lane, Singapore 189202
Tel: 8742 4809

Met up with the Zachery and Edison for catching up (like, finally?!) and we stumbled upon Good Luck Beerhouse at Haji Lane. We deemed it good luck indeed, since it was one of the non-halal joints that actually sells alcohol, to our delight.

The first thing that we noticed about this interesting beer bar were the bold Chinese characters declaring their beverages as "Liang Cha" (translating into "cooling teas" in Chinese), and the very affable service of the crew.  Then we noticed the rustic settings and the bar's specialization in locally crafted beers. One may choose from the bottled beers in their fridge, or crafted beers on taps. Samplers are available as well - you just need to ask.

The icing on the cake was that they serve Dimsum, and only that! Even the menu was designed to give a retro, "coffee-shop" feel to it.

Imagine pairing beers with dimsum - we were a little hungry so we decided to order a Platter to try. At SGD$15.00 the platter came in a huge bamboo basket and comprised 2 Char Siew Buns (BBQ Pork Buns), 2 Har Gow (prawn dumplings), 2 Siew Mai (minced meat dumplings), 2 Beancurd Sheet Pork Rolls and 2 Chives + Pork Dumplings. It wasn't the handmade variety, if you get what I mean, but paired with beers, it became somewhat of a happy snack for us.

For drinks, we had the Tuatara Hefe Beer, a Rare Ink Session Stout and my Hopzilla Hoppy Weizen. The guys enjoyed their beers so we had re-orders for the Tuatara Hefe Beer. I enjoyed the light sweetness of my Hopzilla Weizen.

We spent SGD$75.00 in all - for 4 beers and a Dimsum platter, so the beers should be around SGD$15.00 (if without GST and service charge factored in). Music was good and the ambience was really chill - we liked this place and would definitely want to be back for more of our gatherings.

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