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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Brunch at The Dispensary Bistro @ D'Leedon Heights (Revisit)

19 Leedon Heights, #01-61 D'Leedon Condominium, Singapore 266227
Tel: 6493 2542

Revisiting this serene hangout with its poolside surroundings and vintage ambience, adorned with the loveliest knick-knacks. Read review on previous visits here, usually on their delicious cakes.

This weekend morning, I came again, this time bringing the Mom for brunch. The GM Freddy Wee was polite as ever - not overly personable, but nice in an old-fashioned way (you know, the reservation on expressing friendliness?)

Smoked Duck Pasta (SGD $16.00) - the spaghetti was rather springy in texture, soaking up the delicious olive oil and ground black pepper it was tossed in. The smoked duck slices gave the dish a savoury and chewy enhancement.

My Salmon Brekki Set (SGD $21.00) comprised succulent smoked salmon, lightly-crisped toast, wobbly Eggs Benedict and a salad of lettuce with halved cherry tomatoes. One of those breakfast choices that can never go wrong, and serves as comfort food.

For beverages, I had my Chai Latte and she had an Americano, both aromatic and satisfying, perking us up for the day ahead.

Lovely, lovely. I  will still be around more often.

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