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Friday, 10 March 2017

Afternoon Tea at The Coffee Academics @ Scotts Square

6 Scotts Road #02-01 / 02 Scotts Square, Singapore 228209
Tel: 6538 1940

Too busy to head to Hong Kong for cafe hopping? Let Hong Kong's cafe culture come to you then - in the lavish form of The Coffee Academics.

Founded by Jennifer Liu, The Coffee Academics is a spacious coffee joint with tasteful decor and various seating areas - you have something like the bar counter, a low-seating area akin to Japanese restaurant's own, as well as the usual tables and cushy chairs.

Besides serving coffee beans served around the world, The Coffee Academics also have some pretty bold creations, such as Pepper Agave Latte, Okinawana (Brown Sugar) Latte as well as NZ Manuka Honey Latte. Style of food leans towards the more Westernized side, such as kale, salads, scrambled eggs with crayfish, crispy fish taco, etc.

As this was a post-meal coffee session, we skipped the mains and headed straight for desserts. They recommended the Belgium Chocolate and Mixed Berries Egglet Pastry (SGD$21.00), an interesting combination of my favorite stuff. Egglet was baked to a crispy texture and heavily coated with Belgium Chocolate; the interior was fluffy and light. Hazelnut Gelato added a nutty deliciousness and berries zest-ed up the sweet dessert nicely. I was glad we chose this dessert!

Do expect a 15-minute preparation time though.

Okinawa Latte was exactly as its name implies - smooth, creamy Latte with Okinawa brown sugar mixed into the coffee to give it a beautiful flavor. The latte was pleasantly sweetened, I had no need for the sugar syrup served on the side.

The Hot Chocolate Cocoa (SGD$7.00), richly aromatic and thick - the perfect energy drink for a rainy day as today.

Their Sea Salt Whipped Latte (SGD$8.00) - lightly sweetened signature iced latte with a fluffy red Hawaiian lava sea salt cream cloud. I thought the latte was too creamy and bland in flavour, devoid of coffee aroma; gently saltish due to the sea salt cloud so it was rather interesting.

Note that blandness of coffee was not due to my more decadent dessert - the iced latte came long before chocolate egglet dessert was served.

All in all, we enjoyed the cafe pretty much - a relatively quiet spot for hanging out or catching up in the afternoons over a cuppa. Service was also rather good, so that was a plus point.

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