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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Review on Hydro Collagen Facial Treatment at New York Skin Solutions @ Orchard [Sponsored]

391 Orchard Road #05-16 / 17 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873
Tel: 6388 5566 

I was invited for a sponsored session of Hydro Collagen Plus Facial Treatment (worth SGD$388.00) at New York Skin Solutions. They have been in Singapore for around 14 years, spanning the island with many outlets, and prominent advertisements.

That said, I don't have to explain much about who they are.

In the Consultation room listening to their explanation and analysis of the scans.

My choice of treatment was at Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya). The interior was done in their signature blue and white hues; the centre was filled with many small consultation rooms and even more treatment rooms (some even partitioned to become 2 rooms - are they couple rooms?!)

In the Consultation room, I was asked to fill out a declaration form and asked the usual lifestyle questions. Then a scan of my face was conducted, with the consultant *A commenting that I look like a "little girl" despite my age, and tsk-ing away when she saw the scan results and commented pores were "very clogged". To be honest, I had thought of leaving at this point, and how it felt more like "Malaysia Skin Solutions".

Just for the record, I do have my own facial therapists and I do diamond micro-dermabrasion on top of home scrub gels. Never mind.

In Treatment room waiting for Therapist to attend to me.

She led me to a Treatment room afterwards, and I changed into the grey tube robe.  The room was very small, but neatly maintained with a small wash basin, bed, metal rack of beauty products and locker for storage of items.

My hair was done up and makeup removed. This was followed by a Hydrating Mask Sheet. The therapist cum consultant *A, who had been aggressive and curt in the consultation room earlier on, was startlingly tender and motherly during the treatment, almost making me feel I should immediately sign up something so as to be under her care.

15 minutes later, the Oxygen Machine was rolled into the room and jets of cool oxygen blasted at my face; it was so comfortable.

Following that, extraction took place. She was gentle overall, exerting more pressure at more "congested" areas. Then sterilization took place, followed by the application of a cooling Collagen Gel over my face - this was done with a thick makeup brush.

She rolled another machine in and pressed a device to my face to smoothen and push the collagen in; the device had a metallic surface that made me think of stethoscope. This was done on one side of my face first, to show me the difference in firmness. Once I was satisfied, she proceeded to work on the other half of my face.

The thick Herbal mix hardening into a clay-like mask

Finally, another sheet was lay over my face before *A applied a thick, heavy layer of something herbal over the sheet. She explained this was for stabilizing the treatment and retention of the collagen and hydration. The herbal mixture dried, hardened and weighed heavily on my face, like clay.

Residue was cleaned off and moisturizer was smoothened over my face. My skin felt firmer, brighter and more supple.

I was brought back to Consultation room to see the resulting differences. Then they gave me a lovely box of Aqua Repair Treatment Products, consisting of Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Cream.

Thank you New York Skin Solutions for the soothing, lovely treatment and products - I cannot wait to break into the products.

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