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Friday, 17 February 2017

[Poem] Spelling Your Name Backwards

The scarves billowing in the winds,
So gently, so gently,
Like the graze of your fingertips,
Against my reddened cheeks,
In a hidden lavender field,
Winds and butterflies kiss our eyelids.

You pry open my fingers,
To clasp the soft petals,
So soft, they smell like you,
And a dream I had years ago.
Your hair caught fire in the
Glare of the Sun's golden rays.

Like an angel, like an angel
Chiselled and dimpled,
You have oceans for eyes,
Drawing me in, drowning me;
The sweetness of your lips,
Leaves me ravenous.

You are pure raw sin,
And I fall prey,
Melting into your embrace,
Spelling your name backwards.
You take me to the clouds,
To dance with the Moon.

You tear open my heart,
It was pleasure I felt;
As I watched my love spill
Across the lavender field,
Burning the soft petals,
Taking me with them.

Copyright © 2017 WinePoetess

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