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Monday, 6 February 2017

[Poem] Far From You

Goodnight, my darling, 
The stars overhead are twinkling; 
I am enveloped by the heat, 
Of this hot tropical night, 
Wishing it were your warmth, 
Or your blood to the touch. 

The story does not unfold thus, 
Each dog-eared page divides us, 
Further away from each other, 
Erases more of another 
Conversation or encounter 
Than I care to remember. 

It is time to let you go, 
Set free the parts of me in your hold; 
The mind, heart and soul for now, 
I can be whole again tomorrow, 
Each smile or tear not for you, 
Each dream or thought far from you.

Copyright  © 2017 Winepoetess

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