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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Lunch at Snatch Salad Bar @ One Shenton

One Shenton Way #01-06, Singapore 068803
Tel: 6509 4513

Founded by the founder of TheSmartLocal, Bryan Choo, and aspiring tech startup-owner Jerome Oei, Snatch Salad Bar joins the salad joints popping all over the bustling CBD area, serving executives with tasty and healthy lunches.

Always happy to explore new salad places, I hooked up with *F and we headed to Snatch early, before the queue snuck up. Yes, the place was usually very crowded by around 12.45pm on weekdays.

Self-service order meant marking one's base + protein + dressing etc using "betting slips" - you had to literally shade the circles to indicate your choices.

Seating is largely alfresco; the only interior area is the kitchen and counter where we watched our salads being prepared, and then we self-collected our food and cutlery.

We shared a Farmers' Broth (SGD$4.80), a tasty dark broth of beef and chicken - there was a lovely herbal flavour to this soup. No ingredients at all though, just so you know.

Our salads were SGD$14.50 each, with the addition of Ahi Tuna.

*F had a Salad with base of Rocket Leaves, seared Ahi Tuna, Sous Vide Egg etc, served with Pesto cream together. It was her all-time favorite whenever she visited Snatch.

I went for Salad with Rocket Leaves base as well, and chose seared Ahi Tuna, Chickpea, Cherry Tomatoes and Quinoa, with Olive Lemon dressing on the side. The seared Ahi Tuna slices were thick, springy and prepared with black pepper for a lovely texture and taste. The salad was fresh and delectable overall.

I would be happy to return to try more of their salads, maybe the salmon instead of tuna the next time round, just to compare the differences.

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